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Nissan Juke Grilles

The Nissan Juke is known for its turbocharged engine capabilities, its all-wheel drive (AWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) options, and its impressive fuel economy, not to mention the spacious front seats and rear seats that leave plenty of room for cargo. Your Juke comes with a grille that offers you protection in the event of a collision and gives your car its distinctive profile and style. In the event of an accident, your grille may become damaged and need to be replaced, or you may also choose to upgrade your Nissan Juke grille if you want additional protection or style beyond the standard trim level.

What is included in a Nissan grille assembly package?

A Nissan Juke grille assembly package comes with everything you need to replace the grille on your vehicle. It consists of three parts. It includes the main grille and the two side pieces that make up the front of the vehicle. Whether youre upgrading your standard model or NISMO RS model, youll have everything you need with the kit.

What are the Nissan Juke grille types?

There are a wide variety of grille options for your Nissan Juke. You may want to get a replacement grille to match your damaged one, or you may be looking for an upgrade. Your choice will also depend on the model of your Juke and your color and material preferences.

  • Billet grilles: A billet grille can add extra style and distinction to your Juke. Billet grilles are usually made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and feature sleek bars that run horizontally.
  • Replacement grille: Use a replacement grille to replace the grille that came with the package on your Nissan. A replacement grille will match your original grille so that you can keep the same look of your vehicle.
  • Wire mesh grilles: A wire mesh grille is made up of finely woven metal and can add a distinctive flair to your Juke. They are usually made of automotive-grade stainless steel. Wire mesh grilles come in several colors, such as chrome, black ice, black matte, and red.
  • Grille guards: A grille guard adds an extra layer of protection to the front of your Nissan. Grille guards are usually made of a heavy-duty metal and come in chrome or black. In addition to protection, they also give your Nissan a sporty and rugged style.
  • Off-road bumpers: An off-road bumper includes a grille and adds a level of protection for your Nissan if you enjoy taking it off-road. These often feature a winch so that if you get stuck you can easily be pulled out.
How do you replace the grille on a Juke?
  • You will first need to pop the hood. You will see six pins holding the grille in place. Use a flat head screwdriver to loosen and take out these pins.
  • You will then need to find the mounting clips underneath the grille. Push the clips in and then pull the grille straight out.
  • Insert the new grille and replace the pins you removed.