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Jeep TJ Grilles

The grille on the front of your Jeep Wrangler TJ serves both a protective and an aesthetic function. If your grille has been worn down through normal wear and tear or you just want an updated look for your Jeep, there are grille replacements that can be had.

What do TJ grilles do?

A grille is a way to help protect your Jeep Wranglers radiator from collisions and objects that can fly into the engine. Grilles also provide a vent system for your Jeep to allow airflow that cools the engine while running. Along with their protective features, grilles allow for a stylish design. Theyre also customizable.

What types of grilles are there for the Wrangler TJ?

While every Jeep Wrangler TJ comes with a standard grille, there are many options to choose from if you want to install your own. To decide what type you would like for your vehicle, consider the following options:

  • Mesh: Made from interwoven metal, these designs are known for their wider looks. They are also available in plastic.
  • Billet: These designs are made from strips of metal or plastic displayed horizontally. Theyre usually stronger than mesh grilles.
  • Custom: Custom grilles have their own unique designs. Some styles for the Jeep TJ include patriotic and NFL-themed styles.
How do you remove a TJ grille?

In order to replace a grille on your Wrangler, youre going to have to remove the original factory model first. Follow these steps to replace a Jeep Wrangler TJ grille.

  • Locate the screws used to hold the grille in place. These will be found along the edge. To locate them, open the hood and look at the backside.
  • Remove the screws. To access the grille, you might need to take out additional parts. The Jeep Wrangler TJs parts can vary depending on the year it was made, so refer to the owners manual. Once you have access to the grille, remove the screws.
  • Remove the grille. Once all the screws have been removed, carefully take out the grille.
How do you install a replacement grille?

If you want to install a replacement grille, you can simply follow the steps to remove the existing grille from your vehicle. Once the original grille has been removed, place the new grille on your Jeep and tighten the screws.

What is the right way to clean a TJ grille?

The right way to clean a car grille is to use traditional soap and water. You can either remove the grille for a complete cleaning or leave it on the front end of the car. Simply spray it down with a hose and then apply the soap and water. Use a soft car sponge to wipe down the grille. Once youre done, respray the grille to clean off the soapsuds.

If you want to get an even better clean, consider using a degreaser compound to help clean up oil and other grease stains.