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GMC Envoy Grilles

The GMC Envoy is a mid-size SUV sold by General Motors, along with its twin, the Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV. GMC envoy grilles, or front fascia covers, have a functional role and also contribute greatly to a vehicle’s styling. There are many different grille designs for a GMC Envoy.

What do GMC grilles do?

A grille is placed over an opening near the front bumper of a car to allow air to enter the engine bay. Its principal function is to cool the air circulating around the cars radiator and engine. It also protects them from airborne road debris that could cause serious and expensive damage. However, as one of the main visual components on the front of a vehicle, the front grille is part and parcel of the GMC Envoys overall styling theme.

Are there different grilles for different Envoys?

The trademark GMC face has a black shell with chrome inserts. The Envoy XL uses the standard GMC design: horizontal tubular bars with block GMC letters in the center. The upscale GMC Envoy Denali SUV uses the same design but with an all-chrome finish.

Are there GMC Envoy aftermarket grilles?

Aftermarket designs, whether theyre for cars or trucks, can replace all or part of a vehicles original front fascia, or they can act as overlays to the factory design. They are typically billets constructed of aluminum or steel, but they can also be molded from a heavy-duty ABS plastic. Grilles for GMC Envoy can have a matte black or a milled silver finish. They can be coated with high-quality paint that matches the paint on the vehicle, or they can be coated with a bright and shiny chrome finish. Replacement front fascia units for a GMC Envoy come in a variety of styles.

  • A vertical bar billet has prominent metal tubes that run North and South in parallel lines and attach to the top and bottom of the frame cover. There are also horizontal billets with bars that run from left to right.
  • A mesh Envoy billet features a series of narrow, crisscrossing metal tubes.
  • A punch billet consists of sheet metal that has been punched through using a tool that can come in any number of shapes. Circles, octagons or layered, honeycomb patterns are common choices.
  • LED billets use lights that are integrated into the design of the vehicle.
  • Bumper units are smaller and incorporated into the SUVs front bumper. They work in conjunction with an upper unit.