Dodge W250 Grilles

On most trucks, including the Dodge W250, the grille is one of the most prominent features. When you decide that it is time to customize your Dodge, the factory-installed mesh grille is possibly one of the things you replace. When looking for a replacement grille for your Dodge W250, youll find that a variety of options are available.

What types of Dodge W250 grilles can you choose from?

There are three main types of grilles you can choose from when looking for replacement parts for your W250. They include:

  • Billet grilles: These truck parts get their name from billets, which are cross-sectioned aluminum rods generally used in the aircraft industry. They are formed specifically to match the Dodge W250. The bars run parallel to one another. However, there are some variations in the pattern as some have bars that run vertical while others run horizontal.
  • Mesh grilles: These car and truck accessories are made from wire mesh that has a similar appearance to a net. Mesh grilles generally have a smoother appearance and can give a vehicle such as the Dodge W250 a sporty, edgy look.
  • Custom metal or mesh grilles: Unlike mesh or billet grilles, these accessories are manufactured to your specifications. These are generally made by machinists and computer programs.
How are grilles installed on a vehicle?

When replacing a factory-installed part with a custom, mesh, or billet grille, there are several different ways that it can be installed:

  • Replacement: For these types of mesh or billet grilles, the original part is completely removed from the Dodge truck. The replacement is then installed on the truck using either the original hardware or the hardware that came with the replacement part.
  • Overlay: For this installation process, the replacement billet or mesh grille is installed directly over the factory-installed part. The hardware used to keep the accessory attached is usually hidden so that it is not visible to the vehicle owner or others.
  • Insert: For grille inserts, part of the original accessory is removed, leaving an open space on the front of the Dodge. The grille insert is then installed in the open space.
What should you consider when looking for replacement grilles?

When looking for replacement parts, consider the following:

  • Type: The different types of grilles can give your Dodge truck a different appearance. The one you choose should complement your Dodge while still meeting your needs.
  • Materials: Custom, billet, and mesh grilles can be made from a variety of different materials, with the most common being ABS plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Finish: Depending on the material you choose, you may have some options when it comes to the finish of your cars accessory. Commonly found finishes include chrome, polished metal, or paint. When it comes to paint, you can choose to match your Dodge W250s exterior or a complementary color.
  • Pattern: Mesh grilles and billet grilles have different pattern options available. This can have an impact on the final appearance of your Dodge truck.