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GolfWorks Golf Equip. Tools & Supplies

GolfWorks Golf Equipment, Tools, and Supplies

The sport of golf is enjoyed by men and women of all ages and skill levels. Most people know about essential golf equipment such as clubs and balls, but that only scratches the surface of available equipment. GolfWorks offers a wide variety of tools and supplies to help any golfer out.

What is GolfWorks?

GolfWorks was founded in 1979, and they pride themselves on being a leading source of golf parts and components. From the head to the grip and all the adhesives that bind everything together, GolfWorks is one of the biggest suppliers. Their golf supplies are used in many of the most prominent golf brands such as Ping and TaylorMade and are also available to amateur golf club builders or for repairs.

What are some common products?

Though GolfWorks makes a very diverse array of golf products, most fall into a few convenient categories.

  • Gripping stations, vises, and clamps help hold things steady as they are being worked on.
  • Adhesives to bind things together or repair cracks and solvents to help clean or dissolve.
  • Club parts of various types and other golf part tools.
What are some GolfWorks gripping stations?

When working on a golf club, it is vital that you have the proper tools to hold them steady and in place while working. Some stations can also serve as clamps or vises to keep parts together while adhesives set.

  • A reaming and boring vise holds the head with the opening vertical for easy shaft insertion.
  • A quick shaft clamp secures the shaft horizontally.
  • A full grip station combines a vise, a solvent tray, alignment tools, and tape dispensers.
What are some GolfWorks adhesives and solvents?

Adhesives play a significant role in making sure the golf club holds together both at the head and on the grip. Tape can also be used to repair the grip, among other uses. Solvents help remove adhesives as well as clean up spills or messes.

  • Tourset epoxy combines the speed of a short set epoxy with the strength of a long set.
  • Maximum Strength epoxy is specifically made for golf club assembly and is the strongest short set epoxy available for this purpose.
  • Golf grip tape strips cover your grip to increase your gripping ability and fix cracks.
  • Tungsten rubber swing weight tape allows you to add and remove extra weight from your club heads.
  • Grip solvent is the standard for using on the grip of a club.
  • Epoxy cleaning solvent is used mostly to remove spills and residue from club surfaces.
  • Spray bottles and solvent wipes that can make cleanup a breeze.
What other tools and parts does GolfWorks offer?

Besides grips and adhesives, GolfWorks offers various products to help in club repair, assembly, and modification.

  • Shaft extensions lengthen your club. GolfWorks universal extensions are easily applied.
  • Air-powered grip installer and remover tools make working on the grip quick and easy.
  • Brass adapter shims make shaft installation easier by perfectly centering the shaft into the hosel.
  • Epoxy guns and cartridges make for more accurate and speedy application.
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