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Gold Tip Arrows and Parts

Archery is a world-renowned sport and hobby that makes use of a bow, arrow, and target and is enjoyed by participants across a wide age range. One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need for archery is the ammunition - the arrows - which are fired from the bow. What kind you use has a significant impact on your shots, both in terms of accuracy and penetrating power.

What makes a good hunting arrow?

Gold Tip's hunting arrows are versatile and suitable for many kinds of users, from hunters to amateur hobbyists. There are a few characteristics to pay attention to in order to find the right combination that leads to better performance. The arrow must have a thin shaft that is still durable enough to withstand high-speed penetration to have maximum effectiveness. Having attributes such as a carbon spine will help ensure enduring shafts that still remain heavy enough to withstand unexpected winds in a hunting or target shooting environment.

What makes a good target arrow?

Range and pinpoint accuracy are the keys to success in archery. Some of the arrow types sold by Gold Tip are made with lightweight carbon shafts that are specially formulated for sharpshooters.

Which arrows can be used for crossbows?

All crossbow bolts in Gold Tip's catalogue have shafts made from 100% carbon. Increased velocity and penetrating power are the main goals of these arrows. When shopping for crossbow ammunition, make sure that the grain and weight range of the bolt is compatible with your crossbow so that they will work properly together.

Are there any products made for children?

When dealing with children and sharp objects, safety is of utmost importance. Instead of the typical carbon shafts of regular arrows, children’s arrow shafts are made from fiberglass, with fiberglass mixes for the spine. Despite being less powerful than other products, they still have the same level of durability to better withstand repeated use by children. One other notable difference is the length of the shafts, which is shorter to be proportional to the size of their users, allowing children to handle them properly.

What other products go with Gold Tip's arrows?

Gold Tip also sells extra nocks, which is the part that secures the ammo into the string of the bow or crossbow. Their GTO nocks are compatible with products of any length and will remain straight even after repeated use. The Protective Ballistic Collars are meant to protect all arrow tips when they are not in use in the pack. Precision sharpshooters might want to add vanes to the ammo's spine to better guide their arrows straight into the center of the bullseye.