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Men's Gildan Underwear

When it comes to high-quality underwear, Gildan has men covered. The Gildan brand makes a wide selection of undergarments, which gives men the opportunity to find items that fit comfortably. Its underwear consists of fabrics that are soft, breathable, and offer support where men need it most. Men looking for this brand of underwear can find a wide range of styles and sizes available on eBay.

Which Types of Men's Underwear Does Gildan Make?

The Gildan brand makes various types of underwear for men. Some examples of common types of Gildan underwear for men include:

  • Underwear Bottoms: Gildan makes underwear bottoms in the form of boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs to suit the needs of all men.
  • Undershirts: Undershirts are typically thin with short sleeves and men wear them under an overshirt. Some men can even wear them without a cover-up shirt.

What Are Some of the Features of Gildan Underwear Bottoms?

Since Gildan makes different types of underwear bottoms, not all features between the types are the same. Consumers should consider the different types of underwear bottoms along with some of their notable features.

  • Gildan men's boxers have a look that closely resembles that of shorts, so some may refer to this type of underwear as boxer shorts since men in the boxing profession often wear them. The material used in this underwear is thin and includes a concealed fly opening. Boxers have an all-around elastic waistband and wide legs that allow men to move with less restriction.
  • Gildan designs briefs to hug the body to give men a close, yet comfortable, fit. Briefs include an elastic band that runs around the lower abdomen and tend to offer more support than boxers. The longest briefs can have lengths of supportive material that starts at the top of the legs and then stop midway down the thigh. Shorter briefs may only extend as high as the upper thigh. Styles include bikini briefs, midi briefs, and sports briefs, among others. You can find Gildan cotton brief 2-packs and brief 3-packs when you need more than one pair.
  • Cotton boxer briefs take the best of both boxers and briefs and combines the features. This style of underwear has leg lengths that resemble boxers, but the material fits snugly around the legs like briefs.

Does Gildan Make Other Undergarments For Men?

Gildan does make a product line that includes other types of undergarments for men. Two of the main categories of undergarments from Gildan include:

  • Gildan Traditional Undershirt: This type of undergarment consists of lightweight materials, like pure cotton or cotton blends. Undershirts made from cotton fibers are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Cotton fibers also help to wick moisture away from the skin to keep the body cool. Gildan also makes a line of undershirts that are tagless to eliminate friction from the tag against the skin. Gildan undershirts come in styles like the crew neck T-shirt and the V-neck T-shirt.
  • Gildan Thermal Underwear: Thermal underwear tops consist of soft synthetic material fibers like cotton, Lycra, and spandex, which have insulating properties to keep the body warm while also wicking moisture away from the skin.