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Gibson Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars deliver sound without electronic amplification and through the body of the instrument. Gibson is a manufacturer of acoustic guitars, and the vintage models produced by Gibson are widely sought for their tone, action, look, and durability. Gibson vintage acoustic guitars are coveted for their structural integrity and warm sound.

Why are Gibson vintage guitars made with mahogany and rosewood?

Gibson vintage and custom acoustic guitars use mahogany bodies and rosewood fret boards for their tonal qualities and durability. Mahogany and rosewood are ideal translators of the character and style of the music played through them. How a guitar translates that style is dependent on how its built and how its made.

Rosewood allows fast action along the neck and the mahogany produces warm resonant tones from the body. These characteristics are due to the composition, density, and arrangement of the actual cells within the wood. Gibson has researched countless materials over the course of the companys history, and their vintage and custom guitars are made with some of the highest quality materials possible. Over time, these materials mature and cause the sound they create to become richer and more satisfying to the ear.

What is the J-45?

The J-45 is ubiquitous in the world of vintage acoustic guitars. Also known as The Workhorse, the J-45 was first manufactured in 1942 and is a reliable acoustic guitar. The J-45 has proven itself to be the guitar of choice for players of all styles and genres. This model is one of Gibson’s best-selling acoustic guitars. It features a slope-shoulder dreadnought body and the classic vintage Gibson sunburst finish.

What is a dreadnought?

A dreadnought is a common acoustic guitar body shape. The style was created to allow for a deeper sound and a resonant bass. It’s a popular design for an acoustic guitar and has been used for more than 100 years. Because of its shape, it produces mid-range sound that can be heard above and through other instruments. Other common body shapes for guitars include the following:

  • Range: This is the smallest acoustic guitar shape.
  • Parlor: Slightly larger than a range shape, a parlor acoustic guitar is known for the delicate tone it creates.
  • Grand Concert: This guitar shape is often used in the recording studio because of its excellent sound projection.
  • Auditorium: An auditorium shape has a smaller waist but similar dimensions to a dreadnought. It delivers a different tone than the dreadnought.
  • Jumbo: As the largest acoustic guitar body, the jumbo delivers more volume and punch when played.

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