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GM Car & Truck Exterior Parts

General Motors vehicles are built using thousands of components. Exterior parts and accessories are essential to the functionality and appearance of your GM car or truck. The exterior of your GM vehicle is made up of components ranging from body panels to trim to manufacturer emblems and electrical parts.

Why are exterior parts important?

The exterior of a GM vehicle carries out many functions. There are several different types of components each with a specific purpose. The outside of the car or truck is a protective barrier against weather conditions, but it also makes the car look appealing and helps with vehicle safety.

What types of parts are there?

Either GM or a third party makes replacement components for General Motors vehicles. When GM makes them, they are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and are the same exact component the factory installed. Third-party replacements are designed to work but might differ. Exterior components fall into several categories, which are listed here:

  • Body and trim: They shield the passenger compartment and the functional components of your car from exterior elements such as snow, rain, wind, extreme temperatures, atmospheric particles like dust, and road debris. These pieces also have an aesthetic role and have to be pleasing to the eye. They are manufactured from materials durable enough to withstand such harsh conditions.
  • Electrical: These are the components that make up the electrical systems of your GM automobile. Since new General Motors cars and trucks have many electrical and electronic modules, there are a lot of electrical pieces. Exterior electrical parts make up the lighting, security, entertainment, wiper blade, and towing systems.
  • Trim upgrades: General Motors manufacturers all models of cars and trucks in several trims with different equipment and options. Some of these options were not installed on your model and trim from the factory, but you may purchase them as OEM parts. You might be able to upgrade to equipment that was not available on your trim at all.
  • Accessory: This category is made up of additional accessories and paraphernalia made by GM for each model such as car covers and bras.
Why is it important to replace exterior parts?

Exterior components are exposed to outside conditions for years and can eventually wear out or break down. Its important to keep all internal and external components in working condition.

How do you find correct parts for a GM automobile?

Exterior pieces are some of the most vehicle-specific components out there. Since all cars look different, external bits are going to change with each variant. To find the right one, you have to look for parts that are specific to your year, make, model, and trim level, and even the color of the car. The way to identify the correct component is by its number. Also, remember that body pieces are offered as either OEM painted to match or unpainted.

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