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Gates Car and Truck Engine Belts

Gates makes high-quality automotive transmission belts for cars and light trucks. These belts are key components of the accessory drive belt system, and their function can affect everything from the air conditioning to the power steering. Gates array of drive and serpentine belts provide drivers with the reliable equipment they need to stay safe on the road.

How does the accessory drive belt system function?

In this system, the belt works with the tensioner and the idler pulleys to distribute power throughout the engine. The belt extends throughout the entire engine, and it continuously rotates thanks to the presence of the tensioner and the pulleys. The tensioner is responsible for keeping the belt taut, and the pulleys are responsible for guiding the belt on the appropriate path through the engine. When these components are working in tandem, slip noise is eradicated, vibrations are minimized, and overall vehicle performance is improved.

What types of drive belts does Gates offer?

Gates makes several types of drive belts, which are all designed for specific applications. The options include:

  • Aramid belts: Aramid options use a cord construction, and theyre typically used in very demanding engines. They are more rigid than other belts, which helps to stabilize the system and reduce unwanted vibrations.
  • V-belts: Most of Gates options are v-belts, most of which can be used for standard serpentine belt applications. The sizes range from micro belts to XL belts, and theyre designed for many different performance styles. Dual sided belts, for example, enhance engine efficiency, while stretch fit options are designed to fit any vehicle like a glove.
  • Racing performance belts: These belts use innovative materials and technology to optimize the performance of racing vehicles.
What are some features of Gates engine belts?

When creating these high-quality belts, Gates uses a number of advanced construction methods to improve efficiency, durability, and performance. They include:

  • Flexibility: Many of the brands serpentine belts are designed with flexibility in mind; this ensures that they can withstand the topside and backside bends they will inevitably endure over years of use. This helps to extend the belts lifespan.
  • Adjust for misalignments: Its important for belts to be able to operate when system misalignments occur. Gates constructs its belts to accept and adjust to alignment problems with ease, which keeps the system running smoothly.
  • Precise rib profile: To ensure that the belt transmits efficiently through the system, Gates has equipped each one with a precise dimension control of rib profile. This ensures that all of the systems components can function at peak performance simultaneously.
What does a Gates timing belt do?

A timing belt regulates the timing of the camshaft and keeps it in optimal working order. A Gates timing belt may be an appropriate replacement part for your engine.