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Fuel Tanks for the Mercury Marquis

The Mercury Marquis was produced for sale by Ford Motor Company from 1967 to 1986. The gas tank in a car such as the Mercury Marquis is a safe enclosure for flammable fluids and is the part of an engine system that stores gas and propels it into the engine. The fuel system is also fitted with a mechanism to determine the level of the tank of gas.

What gas tank types are used in a Mercury Marquis?

Gas tanks used in Marquis models such as the Mercury Grand Marquis are classified into two categories and are based on the technologies used to make them. They include:

  • High-density polyethylene gas tanks: These are made through a process called blow molding, which gives off low gas emissions. Its ability to take complex shapes allows it to be fitted directly over the rear axle, thus saving room and enhancing crash safety. They are also designed to resist corrosion and leaks.
  • Metal gas tanks: These are made of aluminum or steel and are welded from emblazoned sheets. They also cut down gas emissions.
What should you consider when choosing a gas tank?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a gas tank for your Grand Marquis. You should check the vehicles tank specifications due to the varying sizes, shape, and gas storage capacity. You will want to look for gas tanks designed for the Mercury Marquis model you own. You should also research the brands and tanks available and check the set of features that characterize the different gas tanks, including:

  • Material: Gas tanks can be made of metal, polyethylene, plastic, steel, and galvanized steel.
  • Manufacturer: Choose original parts that match their vehicles specs from the vehicles manufacturer.
How do you care for a Mercury Marquis fuel tank?

Follow these processes to aid in cleaning the Mercury Grand Marquiss fuel tank and avoid damage to it:

  • Empty the gas tank into an approved container.
  • Clean rust, debris, and tar from the top of the cars gas tank.
  • Spin around the gas tank to pour out any remaining gas and debris.
  • Clean the interior of the tank using a low-suds soap and mixture of water.
  • Whirl cleaning solution inside the tank.
  • Drain the tank and dry using compressed air.
  • Wipe the tank using a lint-free towel.
  • Inspect the tank to check for any damages. Replace in case of damages.
  • Confirm that the tank is completely dry before refilling it with gas.
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