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Saturn SL2 Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump in your SL2 not only provides power to your engine, but it can also improve your fuel economy. From mechanically powered to electrical, each pump has its features and advantages. No matter what type of pump your Saturn SL2 needs, you can find a wide array of OEM and aftermarket parts for it.

What are fuel pumps?

A fuel pump is a part in your Saturn that pumps fuel into the engine from the fuel tank. The engine in your car would receive no fuel or power without the fuel pump. These can be mechanically or electrically powered, and the type of pump is determined by which kind of injection system your Saturn has.

What are the types of fuel pumps?

Pumps are made for both carburetor and fuel-injected vehicles, although many contemporary cars use fuel injection. Depending on your type of injection system, there are two types of fuel pumps. These types include:

  • Mechanical: This type is driven by a camshaft or distributor shaft and takes fuel from the tank to a float chamber. There is no specified pressure used in this type, which makes your car consume more fuel. This type of pump is typically found in carburetor vehicles and is located on the exterior of the tank.
  • Electric: This type creates less resistance when it moves the fuel and only uses a specified amount of pressure that is required for that injection. This type consumes less fuel and increases your SL2s miles per gallon average. This type of pump is typically found in fuel-injection system vehicles and is located on the interior of the tank.
What are the signs it needs to be replaced?

If your SL2s fuel pump is not working adequately, it can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Not only will a faulty pump reduce your fuel economy, but it could also cause your engine to fail to start. While there is not a recommended amount of time in which you should replace your Saturns fuel pump, there are a few symptoms you can watch for. These symptoms include a loss of power while driving or at engine-start, the appearance of the check engine light, or fuel leaks and noises in the front.

What kinds can you find for the Saturn SL2?

Fuel pumps can be made of many different materials like sheet steel, aluminum, synthetic rubber, cast iron, stainless steel, and gold. Sizes and features will be determined by your Saturn SL2-specific part, but you can find pumps as individual parts or as sets. Each pump is categorized by its pressure, horsepower, and voltage specifications, which are designed to complement your Saturn, its engine, and your fuel economy.