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Fox Racing Motorcycle Boots

Fox Racing, also known as Fox Head, Inc., is a lifestyle, racing gear, and apparel company that primarily serves motocross racing enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. Motocross racing boots must provide protection for the motorcycle rider as well as be durable enough to endure the rigors of off-road conditions. Fox Racing boots meet these requirements while adding their well-known branding image and distinctive styling to this necessary piece of riding gear.

What are the features of the Comp 5 boots?

The Comp 5 boots have the entry-level MX rider in mind yet deliver on both style and function, with these characteristics:

  • Comfort: These boots are designed for all-day comfort riding out in the elements or on the race track.
  • Pliable leather: The upper boot construction is comprised of pliable leather for comfortable wearing without needing a break-in period.
  • Protection: The boot shin plate is contoured for a close, comfortable fit, and provides needed protection for the rider.
  • Easy-release buckles: The buckles have an aluminum soft-touch pivot lock making them easy to operate even when boots are dirty from riding.
  • Durability: The soles are molded and bonded specifically for each size to increase comfort, durability, and functionality of the motorcycle boot.
What is a Fox Duratac sole?

Fox Racing has developed a sole specifically for motocross boots called Duratac. This MX boot sole is so named because it is both durable and provides a tactile edge when riding a dirt bike or motorcycle. The sole has a somewhat soft and rubbery feel and yet it holds up as well as other types of soles under all motocross racing conditions. The sole of these boots allows the rider to have a good grip on the pegs, which improves control of the bike.

How are Fox Racing MX boots sized?

Following a few directions before making your Fox gear purchase will ensure a good fit when you are out riding. First, it is important to take these measurements while wearing whatever socks you will wear with your motocross boots. Once you have socks on, measure the length of both feet with a standard ruler from toe to heel. It is normal for one foot to be a different size than the other. You will want to make sure that the Fox boots are sized to fit the larger foot. Please refer to the following sizing list and note that these are in mens sizes:

  • US Size 8 equals 9.94 inches in foot length
  • US Size 9 equals 10.25 inches in foot length
  • US Size 10 equals 10.56 inches in foot length
  • US Size 11 equals 10.94 inches in foot length
  • US Size 12 equals 11.25 inches in foot length
  • US Size 13 equals 11.56 inches in foot length
  • US Size 14 equals 11.88 inches in foot length
  • US Size 15 equals 12.19 inches in foot length