Football Card Packs

Football cards are collectibles that feature an American or Canadian football player, or more than one. They can be quite valuable and many collectors enjoy accumulating them as a hobby. If you are looking to buy football cards, here are a few helpful questions to consider while shopping.

How do you begin a collection?

There are a few different approaches you may wish to take when beginning your collection:

  • Choose your favorite pack brands.
  • Collect based on your favorite football teams.
  • You may wish to collect signed cards due to their increasing value. These are usually purchased individually and not sold within packs.
  • Some collectors simply like acquiring rare packs as a hobby.
What exactly are football card packs?

Football packs are sealed packets that contain cards featuring a specific team, released by a certain brand, or a mix of the two. Sometimes packs released within a specific series are purchased as limited edition material. Some vintage packs can be purchased unopened and might contain facts about iconic players. Another option is to purchase new packets and save them to resell unopened. You might also find boxes containing multiple packs.

What are NFL packets?

These are trading packets that are specifically released in conjunction with licensed NFL teams. They represent a myriad of teams and are put out by a few different brands.

How will you know which packets to purchase?

Its hard to know what will be within an unopened football packet. Look for the brands and teams you prefer. It may also be helpful to confirm that packets are unopened and not tampered with before you purchase them. It is a good idea to know which series contains the specific cards youre looking for. Many packs are released with series numbers by year, team, month or limited-edition trade value. Some promotional packets can contain rare or valuable players as well.

What are rookie cards?

Rookie cards feature rookie players who may not yet be famous. Theyre great for adding to your collection because they may drastically increase in value over time. Every great NFL player started as a rookie. The more fame a player gains, the more his originally released merchandise is likely to be worth. Collecting this kind of original merch is a great way to gain valuable material without a big investment. It is a good collectors strategy if you have adequate patience and a bit of luck.