Bolster Your Photography with a Pentax Fisheye Camera Lens

Whether you are jogging in a nearby park or on vacation in a destination you have never been before, a fisheye camera lens can help you capture hemispherical and panoramic images of your surroundings. These lenses come primarily with short focal lengths that can range from 3.2 mm to 28 mm. They can also be paired with a wide array of different mounts that connect the lens to your device.

What types of cameras can these lenses be used with?

Different types of cameras work with these lenses, such as:

  • Digital single-lens reflex: This is a type of digital camera that records all photos and video onto digital media, such as hard drives or memory cards. These models can accommodate interchangeable lenses and come with a large number of manual and automatic settings.
  • Camcorder: This is a type of video camera that can shoot and record video in a variety of standard and high-definition resolutions. These camcorders use numerous types of media, such as VHS tapes and memory cards.
  • SLR: This is a type of camera that comes with manual settings and is equipped with an electronic viewfinder. These cameras are outfitted with a single-lens reflex system and capture pictures on photographic film.
What does the focal length of a camera lens mean?

The focal length of this type of lens is a measurement that ascertains the distance from the lens to the sensor of your camera. This distance is always displayed in millimeters and can vary substantially. See the manufacturer site for details. A short focal length allows for a wide-angle capture wherein more of a scene is captured in one photo. A longer focal length creates a more magnified image that comes with a relatively narrow field of view. The focal lengths with these particular lenses are always short due to the fact that a fisheye lens is a type of wide-angle lens. These lenses can come with fixed focal lengths or a zoom focal length, the latter of which indicates that the lens accommodates a large number of different lengths, such as 4-18 mm.

What focus types are available with fisheye lenses?

Choose from one of three different focus types when selecting a fisheye camera lens:

  • Auto: This is a type of focus system that handles the focusing of a lens for you before taking a picture. The system uses a small motor alongside the camera sensor in order to focus the lens on an object within the frame properly. Once this system starts to change the focus, you will notice the lens zooming in or out.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system that calls for you to change the focus settings by hand, which can typically be done with a small focus ring that is found around the circumference of the lens you are using.
  • Auto/manual: Certain devices and lenses are able to accommodate both manual and automatic focus modes, which can be determined by the presence of a small switch in the middle of a lens that allows you to change between each mode.
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