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Movement in Hand, Stillness of Mind: Fidget Spinners

The Fidget Spinner is more than a toy. It's an invention that keeps the fingers busy while allowing the brain to work on other things. Many of those that suffer from attention deficient such as ADD or ADHD find it is extremely hard to pay attention and not fidget, but with a Fidget Spinner, users can do both, keep their hands busy while still paying attention to what is going on around them.

Pick Your Color

As with most toys, there are numerous colors from which you can choose such as solid colors like a festive red or green, to metallic colors, to a mixture of colors for a rainbow effect. 

Keep Your Hands Busy

While sitting through a long lecture or during a long car drive, having something to do with your hands makes mundane not so mundane. With the flick of a finger, the device starts to spin. In addition to providing a distraction for those that can't sit still, the unit can be used to quiet and occupy those that suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

How It Works

There are many Fidget Spinners on the market, but the most popular design is the three-sided design that is placed on a bearing. Located on each of the three arms is a bearing. With the additional bearings in the arms, users are able to spin from either of the arms or the bearing in the middle. Hold the spinner in one hand and use the fingers on that hand to twirl the spinner around. If a challenge is desired, a user can try holding one in each hand and make them both twist.

Smooth Spins

When it comes to using the toy, it needs to turn smooth and quickly. A hybrid bearing provides an ultra smooth spin, and high-performance bearings provide fast and long spin times. If your spinner would slow down or not rotate as smoothly as it once did, you can use bearing grease to lubricate the bearings and keep it sailing around like a breeze.