Toyota Avalon Fenders

On your Toyota Avalon, you have fenders that frame the wheel wells. These pieces are designed to add protection to the body of your Avalon from road debris and rocks that could be kicked up by your Toyotas wheels. This part can also absorb some of the impact if your Toyota Avalon becomes involved in a minor low-speed impact, thus protecting important components in your vehicle, like the engine.

What materials are fenders made of?

Fenders for the Avalon on all trim levels, such as the XLE and XLE Premium, are generally made from three materials:

  • Metal: Fenders that are made for the Toyota Avalon are often made from this material as it is extremely durable and offers protection in collisions. They are also the heaviest of the materials used to make fenders.
  • Fiberglass: This material is lighter than most types of metal, including steel and even aluminum. It does not rust, so you may not need to replace it.
  • Carbon fiber: Toyota fenders made of this material are lightweight and stronger than fenders made from metal or fiberglass. Like fiberglass, carbon fiber does not rust or corrode.
What are the benefits of OEM fenders?

When you are looking for a replacement fender for your Avalon, you may come across some fenders that have an OEM label on them. These labels mean "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and the fender was built to the exact specifications required by Toyota. Choosing an OEM part can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Custom fit: Fenders made specifically for your Toyota will fit the vehicle perfectly. You will not need to make any modifications to it before installing or mounting it to your vehicle.
  • Reliable: OEM fenders are always reliable as the manufacturers of the part were required to meet certain safety standards set in place by Toyota. You can count on them to hold up when involved in low-speed collisions.
  • Easy installation: Because Toyota fenders are made to certain specifications, they are also easier to install when you find you need a replacement. The hardware and mounting instructions are readily available.
What are the benefits of aftermarket fenders?

Although there are some drivers who wish to replace their fenders with OEM parts, others opt to go with aftermarket fenders for their sedans. These vehicle parts are made by manufacturers that did not make the original part for Toyota. There are some benefits to choosing aftermarket fenders as replacements:

  • Different materials: In general, OEM fenders are often only made from one material. However, fenders can be made from a variety of materials, so you may want to go with an aftermarket part if you want a fender that is lighter in weight or more durable.
  • Shape: Fenders also come in a variety of shapes. Flares, for example, provide additional protection for your sedan. Skirts improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and performance.
  • Larger wheels: Some aftermarket fenders are smaller than stock or OEM fenders. This allows you to have larger wheels or tires on your Avalon.