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Saturn Ion Fenders

Fenders are components installed in the wheel wells of the Saturn Ion and other vehicles. This component protects the wheels and other important parts, such as your engine, from negative effects that could be caused by road debris. While some replace their Ions fenders due to impact issues, others wish to replace the fenders for aesthetic reasons.

What are the differences between aftermarket and OEM fenders?

OEM fenders are made by the original equipment manufacturer while aftermarket fenders are made by other companies. There are some differences between the two types of fenders.

  • OEM fenders: Drivers may wish to replace Saturn Ion fenders with OEM fenders if they want to keep the same look for their vehicle. OEM fenders have a number of benefits as they are easy to install and will not change the appearance of the Ion.
  • Aftermarket fenders: For those who need additional protection or want to change the appearance of their Saturn Ion, aftermarket parts may be the way to go. Aftermarket companies often offer fenders that come in different shapes and different materials.
What fender shapes are available for the Saturn Ion?

If you are looking for a different fender shape for your Saturn, you may want to look at fender flares. Flares extend slightly out from the body of your Saturn. In some cases, the flare is a separate piece that is bolted to the fender. In others, the fender and flare come as one piece. There are a number of different fender shapes available.

  • Flat: These flares are designed to protect the wheel well while providing additional room for larger tires. They are still street-legal.
  • Smooth: These fender flares are able to provide extra protection for your Saturn. They also allow you to use larger tires while still protecting your sedans important engine components.
  • Factory-style: These aftermarket flares wrap underneath the sedan. They give the same amount of coverage as OEM fenders and do not alter the appearance of your Ion.
  • Bolted: These accessories give the sedan a modified look while adding addition debris deflection.
  • Rugged: In addition to giving additional protection against road debris, these flares have a rugged texture that can give your Saturn Ion a modified look.
What materials are fenders made from?

If you want to replace your fenders, you may wish to consider the different types of materials that are available.

  • Metal: Often made from aluminum or steel, metal fenders are durable and offer a high degree of protection in the event an impact occurs.
  • Fiberglass: This material is lighter than aluminum and steel, meaning fenders made from fiberglass will not add unnecessary weight to your Saturn Ion. This material also does not rust, so you will not have to replace it due to age.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is lighter than fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. It is also non-corrosive and offers a high degree of protection against impacts and issues from road debris. While it is not as widely available, you can find options for your Saturn Ion.