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Fenders for Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra Fenders

The Nissan Xterra was originally marketed for the 1999 model year. Nissan continued to manufacture this compact SUV through two generations into the 2015 model year. Even with continued reliability, parts such as your Xterras fenders sometimes need replacement, and it’s good to have a solid understanding of these parts so that you can find a replacement to suit your needs.

How do you support the Xterras front fender once installed?

A part called the fender support combined with the apron attaches to the frame of your Nissan Xterra. It creates a wall between the Nissans engine compartment and wheel area and also provides support. Both items work together to help prevent further damage to your SUV in the event of a collision.

What is the purpose of fender vents on the Xterra?

Fender vents on your Nissan Xterra are intended to circulate air through both the cars wheel well and the engine. They assist in cooling the engine as the car is driven. By circulating air through the wheel compartment, the cars tires and brakes remain at a constant temperature. Your Nissans fender vents also add to its aerodynamics, which means better performance and gas mileage.

What happens when your Xterra fenders are out of alignment?

One result of your Nissan Xterras fenders being out of alignment is that it creates difficulty with the operation of the front doors. They will be difficult to open and lock. When the Nissan Xterras fenders arent properly aligned, the doors hardware, such as the hinges, can become warped. This situation can also cause paint to chip because of rubbing or bumping when the two parts catch on each other.

Aside from the effect a poor fit can have on your Xterras doors, misaligned front fenders can create problems with the hood on your car as well. When the Nissans fenders arent properly fitted, they can also cause paint to chip on both the vehicles hood and front fenders. You may also find that the Nissans hood can be difficult to open or latch if they are not aligned correctly. Misalignment of the fenders affects the overall quality of your Nissan Xterra vehicle.

Does the same Xterra fender fit across model years?

Since each of the Nissan Xterra model years represents different design generations, the vehicle fenders are not all compatible with each other. For example, a 2000 car is part of the first generation, and the 2006 Nissan falls within the second generation, so they use different fender parts.