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Fenders for Nissan Frontier

For protection and a sleek appearance, your Nissan Frontier needs good fenders. Their purpose is to adequately minimize the amount of road debris that is thrown by your rotating tires. Fenders for Nissan Frontier can be found in a wide variety of offerings, so that you can find what you need for your specific vehicle.

Do Nissan fenders fit both extended and crew cabs?

Nissan fenders can normally be used on a number of models regardless of size. Each fender should have a list of compatible vehicles. For example, a right fender can be made for use on models including a 2015 Desert Runner with a crew cab and a 2011 PRO-4X with an extended cab. Even a 2005 Nismo off-road Frontier with a two-door extended cab may use the same right fender. King cab models can often use the same fenders as other Nissan trucks made in the same year.

Is protection from rust the only advantage of thermoplastic liners?

While thermoplastic well liners do prevent rust, they have additional advantages over the old metal ones. The thermoplastic pieces can be easily removed and replaced since theyre attached with clips, screws, or bolts. Inner fenders that are made of metal are usually welded to each other as well as to the body of the truck. First the old part must be cut out, and then the new well liner has to be welded to the body. Metal liners, which are found mostly in classic vehicles, are also less flexible than their thermoplastic counterparts.

Which Frontier models require wide tires and need fender flares?

Several Nissan Frontier models are made for wider than normal tires. Although flares are often fitted for vehicles with extra wide tires, they can be used on regular-size wheel wells too. Top-quality fender flares can be found for Frontiers with King Cabs, Crew Cabs, Extended Cabs, and regular-size cabs. The following models among others use wide tires:

  • 2018 SV 4x2 and 4x4 Automatic Transmission
  • 2016 Desert Runner Four-Door with Extended Cab
  • 2016 SV Four-Door with Crew Cab
  • 2015 PRO-4X Four-Door with Extended Cab and Five-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 2014 LE Four-Door with Crew Cab
Does a fender flare have to cover the whole tire?

In some states you are required to have flares that cover the full tires. The laws apply to all mid-size trucks with wide tires regardless of whether they have King Cabs or smaller seating areas. On the other hand, your state may require flares that extend only far enough to cover the tread. These accessories prevent rocks from flying up and hitting the windshield of the car behind you. Likewise they keep debris from damaging your Nissan Frontier.

What is the purpose of a fender apron?

A fender apron is a panel that keeps water from splashing onto specific parts of the fender and braking system; it covers the A-pillar and wheel housing. Fender aprons are made for the front wheels of your Nissan and can be installed either in front of or behind them. For durability you need fender aprons that meet OE standards. They should be able to withstand UV light, humid conditions, and the impact of rocks and ice.