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Fenders for Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX is an older sports car that is well known for its unique look, speed, and smooth ride. There are many ways to customize and improve the look of your 300ZX, including installing new fenders, which come in a variety of colors, materials, designs, and more. Whether you are looking for a fender upgrade or replacement, there are many things to keep in mind and an array of options to consider.

What materials are in Nissan fenders?

Fender options for your Nissan 300ZX are made using various materials, each having various benefits, aspects, and styles. These parts are often manufactured using aluminum, steel, other metals, and even plastics. All of these materials can be viable options for your car. Some less-common materials include silicon, carbon fiber, and fiber glass, which can be found on various aftermarket parts.

How do you replace front fenders on a Nissan 300ZX?

You can easily take your car to an automotive shop or dealer to replace the fender on your Nissan 300XZ. However, this task can also be completed at home. Note that the steps below may vary depending on the year and model of your car as well as the replacement you purchase.

  1. Lift the hood and take off the front bumper by removing the bolts that secure it.
  2. Remove the several bolts that hold the fender to the body of the car near the side view mirror, just inside the hood, and under the Nissan. Open the door slightly to reach the one near the side view mirror.
  3. Remove the screws that attach the fender to the paneling inside the wheel well and remove the turn signal lighting as well.
  4. Carefully pull the old fender away from the vehicle and set it aside.
  5. Put the new front fender in place and secure it using all of the bolts and screws you have just removed from the old fender and the turn signal light. If the holes in the new fender dont line up with the bolts on your car, you will have to drill holes in the fender so that it can be attached.
  6. Reattach the bumper and slowly close the hood to ensure that it closes with sufficient space over the fender. Also, replace any other removed parts, such as mud flaps, and check to make sure that everything is secure on your Nissan.
What is the purpose of fenders?

Fenders are an important part of your Nissan that are located on the sides of the vehicle over the wheel wells. This part is a panel that covers the inner parts of your Nissan 300ZX and provides protection from weather, collisions, and items that fly up when you drive. They also add aesthetic appeal and a finished look to your Nissan and offer an opportunity to customize the part.