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Motorcycle Fairings and Body Work for Honda Grom 125

When the Honda Grom 125 was originally introduced in 2014, it was notable for its fuel economy but came with limited design and color options. Soon, though, Honda began to offer body work for these motorcycles in pearl white, matte gray metallic, bright yellow, and pearl red. You can also find aftermarket replacement fairings in colors of your choice, along with other accessories to accentuate your Honda.

What types of body work accessories are there?

Accessories for the Honda Grom 125 include the following:

  • Plastic fairing panel sets and fairing bolts in various colors, including many types of black
  • Stickers
  • Front fork suspension sets
  • Wheel rims
  • Other parts to accentuate your bike’s fairing
What is the purpose of a motorcycle fairing?

In addition to accentuating the bike, the fairing protects many of the internal components of your motorcycle from dust, grease, exposure to inclement weather, and minor buffeting. If a crack appears in the fairing, it should be replaced in order to continue protecting the internal parts of your Honda. Scratches that cant come out with buffing may make it desirable to replace the affected panel of the fairing. Make sure to match the make, model, year, and color of your bike when ordering a replacement fairing.

Do all fairing kits contain the same number of pieces?

As some customers may wish to replace only a portion of the fairing of their Honda, some kits may include more pieces than others. Fairing kits may include fuel tank cover, belly pan kit, headlight cover, and body panels. Verify that the kit you are purchasing includes all of the pieces you wish to replace.

What kind of materials are the fairing panels made from?

Original equipment manufacturer, also referred to as OEM, fairing panels are made of ABS plastic, while some sellers offer kits for motorcycle fairings containing carbon fiber parts.

What other names are there for the Grom?

The Honda Grom is known as the MSX125 motorcycle in Europe and East Asia. It is known as the Motrac M3 motorcycle in other Asian markets and Italy. It is called the Skyteam M3 motorcycle in some European countries. Grom fairings and accessories may also fit the Motrac M2, which is an electric version of the Motrac M3. When replacing fairings and other parts, verify that make, model, and year are applicable to your Honda motorcycle.