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Toyota Sienna Racks

Whether you have a big load to drive across town or a pile of suitcases to take along on your vacation, a roof rack provides a space to load your cargo on the top of your Toyota Sienna. The system can be comprised of just two rails or it can incorporate other bars and accessories. These sturdy parts may permanently bolt to your minivan or they may temporarily clamp to the roof.

What is the purpose of roof racks?

Toyota Sienna racks are support rails that mount to the top of your vehicle. Whether your Sienna is an AWD or FWD vehicle, a roof rack gives you the space to load your van with cargo without crowding the interior space. You can load the roof rack with suitcases or other gear for a big trip or you can use the rack to attach bulky items, such as skis and bicycles. For strength and durability, roof racks are made of aluminum.

What roof rack components are available?

Many roof racks are simple, but others add additional pieces to the basic setup for extra support, including:

  • Side rails - These are the bars that affix to the vehicle, whether with clamps or bolts. They usually run from front to back on the top of a car or truck. Because these are the most basic parts of a roof rack, even if a Toyota Sienna rack does not have other pieces, it will include rails.
  • Cross bars - These bars run perpendicular to the side rails and are affixed to them to form a rectangular frame on the roof of the Sienna. They may be permanently installed on the side rails or they may be removable.
  • Basket - Sometimes racks are outfitted with a basket that spans the length and width of the rails. The basket also has short sides that help hold luggage and other gear on the top of your minivan.
  • End caps - These covers slip over the ends of roof rack rails and bars to hide the hardware.
What is the difference between Toyota racks and universal racks?
  • Toyota racks - A Sienna may come equipped with permanently installed rails or cross bars. If your original Toyota rack parts are affected, they can be replaced with another set of Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts. Regardless if your Toyota Sienna did not come from the dealer equipped with OEM racks, you can still purchase these accessories and have them installed on your minivan.
  • Universal racks - An aftermarket rack that can be used on a wide range of vehicles, including a Toyota Sienna, is known as a universal rack. It affixes to the roof of a vehicle with clamps or other mounting equipment. In addition to full universal roof rack systems, you can also get universal crossbars that attach to universal or OEM side rails.