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Toyota Highlander Racks

While your Toyota Highlander comes with ample interior storage space, you may wish to increase your exterior storage space by adding racks to either the roof or rear. Racks allow you to carry cargo boxes and outdoor sports equipment, like bikes and kayaks, to the exterior of your vehicle. There are a wide variety of racks to suit all of your lifestyle needs.

What are the Toyota Highlander rack types?

There are a variety of racks to suit any of your needs. When choosing a rack, you will want to think about the primary ways you plan to use it and how often you will use it.

  • Roof racks: Roof racks allow you to carry cargo and equipment on the roof of your Highlander. Some racks are made for cargo boxes, which can be helpful if you need more cargo space than is available inside your vehicle, such as if you are going on vacation or are moving. Other racks are made for carrying sporting equipment, such as skis, bikes, or kayaks. Depending on the trim level of your Highlander, you may also need to purchase a mounting kit for your roof rack with side rails and towers.
  • Rear cargo rack: If you frequently ride a bike and want easy access to your bike, you may want to get a bike rack for the rear of your Highlander. There are bike racks available that allow you to mount up to five bikes, so your entire family can go on an adventure. There are also racks that allow you to carry rear cargo boxes on your Highlander.
How do you install a roof rack on an SUV?

Installing a roof rack on your model Toyota by yourself is easy and does not require a lot of technical experience.

  • If your Highlander did not come with towers or side rails, you will want to begin by installing a mounting kit. These usually clip or screw into the roof of your Toyota and allow you to mount racks.
  • You may want to begin by putting a blanket or towel on the roof of your Toyota so that you do not damage the roof. You may also want to ask someone to help you, as this installation can be easier with assistance.
  • There are four covers on the side rails. You will need to take off these covers with a flat head screwdriver and set them aside.
  • You are now ready to put on the crossbars. You will want someone to help you line the crossbars up. Then use a socket to tighten the bolts.
  • You will then use tethers to connect the crossbars and the side rails.
  • Now, place the covers on the side rails. Your rack is now ready for you to attach a cargo box to your SUV.