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Racks for Toyota FJ Cruiser

A roof rack is one of those accessories you might have skipped over when you first got your FJ Cruiser. Its never too late to add a roof rack to a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Including the roof as an extra storage space prepares this already sporty vehicle to support you in your travel adventures.

What should you consider when choosing a roof rack?

You can customize your Toyota FJ Cruiser with any number of racks and roof rack accessories. The roof rack was not a standard exterior feature offered by Toyota for the FJ Cruiser. Toyota did offer the roof rack as a factory option. In addition to installing a factory roof rack, OEM roof parts and accessories can be installed on the FJ Cruiser.

Youll need to determine whether you own a 4x2 or a 4x4 FJ Cruiser before selecting either a steel or an alloy rack. Mount kits are usually available separately from a roof rack. Mounting parts are typically made of steel.

Look for these options when selecting a roof rack:

  • Mesh floor: A metal mesh floor lifts the contents away from the roof surface and helps hold everything in place.
  • Wind deflector: A wind deflector is inserted at the front of the rack and helps to reduce interior wind noise.
  • Dual can holders: Can holders are used to hold extra containers of fuel or water on the roof of the vehicle.
How do you install a roof rack?

You can install a roof rack on a Toyota FJ Cruiser using an OEM roof rack kit or a factory rack designed specifically for the FJ Cruiser by Toyota. Toyota typically predrilled the FJ Cruiser with bolt openings for a rack. Look for the trim strips that run from the front of the vehicle to the back, and youll see access plates that cover the openings. Once you remove the covers, youll be able to follow the factory directions and mount the rack in place.

Here are a few installation tips:

  • Park the car on a flat surface before installing the roof rack. The incline of a driveway can cause a ladder to wobble and fall.
  • Make sure youve got someone to help you lift the rack into place. The weight of each rack can vary.
  • Choose an OEM rack that is predrilled to fit the FJ Cruiser.
  • Consider installing a light bar. Roof light accessories can make it easier to locate items in the dark.
What are the different roof rack styles?

There are many different roof rack styles to consider. Outline all the different reasons you want to add the rack, and choose a style to accommodate your needs. Look for these basic style categories:

  • Base roof rack systems: This is a basic multipurpose carrier that will let you mount bicycles, canoes, luggage, skis, and more.
  • Cargo and luggage racks: Youll need to choose between a cargo box, basket, or bag when selecting this option.
  • Ski and snowboard racks: These racks are specifically designed to protect your equipment during travel.