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Nissan Frontier Racks

Nissan Frontier racks come in all different styles, including bed rails, tool boxes, headache racks, bed racks, bed slides, truck caps, bike racks, and trailer hitches. Different materials like metals and plastics are utilized to create a variety of configurations. Cleaning them regularly helps promote the racks life span.

What are bed rails and tool boxes?

Bed rails are chunky, thick poles bent into a long side and two short sides with soft corners. They are installed over a truck bed so that the long side prevents contents from flying out the top of the bed. This would be a good fit for long or heavy cargo.

Tool boxes are enclosed by aluminum or other metal casing to protect drawers or compartments inside. The compartments accommodate many different sorts of tools and supplies. Tool boxes help organize contents so that they can be stored safely in the bed of the Frontier.

What are some qualities of headache racks and bed racks?

Headache racks are installed behind the rear sliding window of the Nissan. Bungees or cords can be secured to it to help hold contents in place. Tools may be secured directly to this Nissan Frontier rack for safekeeping.

Bed designs are usually made of metal. They are poles installed parallel to each other so that supplies can be fastened to both of them. Tools, building supplies, or recreational gear can be fastened to a bed design.

What are bed slides and truck caps for?

Bed slides allow the bed of the Nissan Frontier to pull out past an opened tailgate to provide more surface area. Particularly long items, like lumber, might benefit from the extra support. The slider can also provide easier access to supplies in the bed for anyone standing behind the Nissan Frontier.

Truck caps fit over the top of the Nissan Frontier’s cab. They sometimes include parallel bars for more potential to attach supplies. Some roof capsules are made to fasten and secure onto these bars.

How do bike racks and trailer hitches work?

Bike storage can be mounted inside the Nissan Frontier’s bed. A substantial bar is installed perpendicular to the bed near the Nissan Frontier’s cab. Front wheels are removed from bicycles, and the frames are attached to the pole securely. This is done with bungee cords or similar tools. Back wheels can typically remain on the bike, depending on the depth of the bed and the angle at which the bikes fit inside.

Trailer hitches attach to the Nissan Frontier behind the bed and allow for a completely separate trailer to be attached to the vehicle to tow even more substantial cargo.

What kinds of storage are there for the roof?

There are two types of roof racks you can attach to your Nissan: roof racks and roof baskets. Nissan Frontier roof racks offer you a place to put long, heavy items when they dont quite fit in your vehicles bed. Think kayaks, skis, unusually shaped luggage, and similar equipment. Roof racks are also helpful for moving items when your truck bed is full.

If you want to ensure your rooftop load doesnt fall out, you may want a roof basket instead. This type of roof rack is just as versatile as the basic one but offers a bit of extra security. Some also come with netting to help you secure the top of your cargo.