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BMW X5 Racks

The BMW X5 racks are designed to carry bulky items outside your vehicle so you can enjoy your X5s spacious interior. They are made for carrying luggage, sports gear, and other oversized items. Continue reading to learn how rack systems can expand your storage capacity.

What is the purpose of BMW racks?

BMW racks solve your storage problems. They allow you to transport cargo on the top or the rear of your X5 safely. Moreover, they provide a welcoming space for tired passengers to stretch in luxury during long road trips. Here are a few other reasons to consider purchasing a rack.

  • Vacations: Traveling to your destination is half the fun. A roof rack lets you enjoy the view on the way without cramping your style.
  • Leisure activities: If you enjoy outdoor adventures, roof racks are a convenient accessory for carrying bikes, surfboards and other equipment.
  • Carpools: If your family participates in sports, you may need to join a carpool. Sometimes, you may be required to drive players and equipment to and from a game. A roof rack lets you store sports gear on top of the vehicle to eliminate crowding.
  • Reduce travel time: Cut down on frequent trips during a move or home renovation. Car racks allow you to carry more items on your vehicle to save time.
What are the features of BMW racks?

BMW racks are versatile, durable, and reliable. You will find aerodynamic systems to reduce wind noise as well as locking devices to secure your cargo. The racks transport items safely and complement your vehicles style. Review the features below and see how the racks can ease your load.

  • Multifaceted: The BMW X5 rack carries multiple items at once. Various attachments allow you to modify the base system to load bicycles, skis, and other oversized items.
  • Durable: The racks are constructed with sturdy materials and weather protective coating to ensure a long life.
  • Safe: The racks include safety devices like locks and straps to keep items secure.
Which BMW rack should you choose?

BMW X5 crossover drivers have three choices. Options include a roof rack, trunk rack, or hitch rack. The style you choose will depend on your carrying needs. Also, consider how frequently you will use the rack.

  • Roof racks: With a roof rack, you will enjoy an unobstructed view. This option offers the most versatility, allowing you to carry a variety of odd-shaped items, such as bicycles, skis, and canoes.
  • Trunk racks: A trunk rack is easy to install, remove, and access. Clamps and straps secure bikes to the BMWs trunk. The bikes are positioned within reach, making them easy to load and unload.
  • Hitch racks: Hitch racks provide a gap between your cargo and SUV to minimize scratches. Classy options for the BMW X5 xDrive35i and xDrive35d include swinging arms and push up designs.