Las partes exteriores para Toyota Corolla

Exterior Parts for Toyota Corollas

If some of the parts on your Toyota sedan have worn out or you just want to give your car a new look, eBay Motors is a great place to find all the exterior parts that you need. Some of the parts youll find are direct OEM replacements for your sedans original parts, and others are customized options for your Toyota sedan.

What parts for the Corolla are there?

The following categories represent just a few examples of the types of exterior parts for Toyota Corolla vehicles that are available on eBay Motors:

  • Exterior mirrors: These mirrors attach near the front windows on the drivers and passengers side of your Toyota, and you can replace them if they crack or become damaged.
  • Hoods: While the hood of your Toyota serves the vital function of protecting the mechanisms in your engine compartment, it doesnt do much good if its damaged.
  • Grilles: The grille on your car helps with airflow, and it also serves an undeniable aesthetic purpose.
  • Wiper blades: Replacement wipers for each year and trim of Corolla are available.
  • Trunk lids: If your trunk lid is beyond repair, its easy to replace this component with a new OEM-style part.
  • Fenders: The fenders on your Corolla surround each of your vehicles four wheel wells, and these components are necessary for keeping the body of your Toyota in good condition. If you want to replace the fenders on your Corolla, you have a variety of OEM-style and customized options to choose from.
Can you replace the bumper on your sedan?

If youve been in an accident or the connecting mechanisms on your Toyotas bumper have worn out, you can replace this entire component. Both front and rear bumpers are available, and you can replace both bumpers at the same time to ensure the ability of your car to fend off potential disasters. If you dont have the hardware necessary to attach your new bumpers to your car, you can also find this hardware among the options on eBay Motors.

How do you pick the right Toyota parts?

The first step youll need to take when selecting new parts for your Toyota sedan is to check the year that your car was built. In most cases, the listings will show the year models that they are compatible with, and knowing which year your Corolla was built will help you to narrow down your options. Once youve determined which parts are compatible, the only step remaining will be to figure out which components will solve your problem and deliver the aesthetic effect youre looking for.

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