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Toyota Solara Car Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

All different styles of exterior moulding are available for the Toyota Solara, including pillar posts, window trim, fender trim, bezels, rocker panels, side moulding, bumper trim, trunk trim, wind deflectors, and bug deflectors. Each type of moulding or trim functions differently to highlight the car’s features. Different combinations of trim allow Solara owners to individualize their vehicles.

What are qualities of wind and bug deflectors?

Wind and bug deflectors are installed to overhang windows by several inches to prevent wind, water, dirt, and insects from flying into the Toyota Solara or other car or truck. This allows drivers to cruise at high speeds without being distracted by incoming debris, regardless of the weather. The deflectors are curved pieces of plastic, typically in black, gray, or clear finishes that are shaped to accommodate the curve at the top of the Solara’s windows.

What purposes do bumper and trunk moulding serve?

Bumper and trunk mouldings highlight the front and rear of the Solara, respectively. These moulding types can be utilized together or individually. Bumper moulding is installed below the Solara’s grille or front vent to provide contrast for the nose of the vehicle and to highlight features at the front of the car. Trunk moulding fits around the Solara’s trunk to do the same thing at the back of the vehicle.

How do rocker panels and side moulding function?

Rocker moulding and side moulding function to highlight the silhouette of the Toyota. Rocker mouldings are installed at the bottom of the car, along its sides. These are chunkier pieces of trim that outline the very bottom of the vehicle. Body side moulding is mounted further up the car, parallel with rocker panels. These parts can be used exclusively or together. Most are available in a variety of metallic and matte finishes for all different model years of the Solara.

What is the function of bezels?

Bezels help to outline lights. They are circular mounts installed around lights that come in different colors, finishes, and thicknesses. The three-dimensional look of the bezels combined with whichever lenses happen to be on tail lights and headlights afford Solara owners the chance to individualize the Solara to their aesthetic preferences regardless of trim level.

What purpose does fender moulding serve?

Fender moulding sits above the Solara’s wheel wells to outline the tires, wheels, and hubcaps. Finishes are typically metallic and match or contrast with the car’s hubcaps and any other features that the owner seeks to emphasize.

What do pillar posts and window moulding do?

Pillar posts and glass moulding outline the auto glass on the sides of the Toyota Solara. The pillar posts are mounted vertically in the middle, while glass moulding lines the edges. Typically, posts and moulding match in order to emphasize the glass most efficiently. Often, they contrast with the paint job on the rest of the Toyota Solara.