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Mouldings and Trim for Toyota Sequoia

A variety of designs of exterior mouldings and trim can be found for the Toyota Sequoia. Made from materials like PVC, these include pillar posts, window trim, fender moulding, rocker panels, body moulding, bumper trim, custom grilles, and wind or bug deflectors. Cleaning your exterior profiles regularly helps them to stay aesthetically pleasing.

What is the function of pillar posts and window moulding?

Pillar posts outline the middle of glass on the sides of the Sequoia. They are typically straight pieces of metal or plastic, in a contrasting finish to the vehicle’s paint job, that are installed vertically down the middle on the door. This type of moulding highlights the rest of the border around side glass to complete the trim and the look. Pillar posts and mouldings can be used independently of one another or together to achieve a variety of different aesthetics.

What is a fender moulding?

Fender trim lines the bottoms of wheel wells. It sits at the bottom of the car’s sides at the curve above the Sequoia’s tires and wheels. Often, fender moulding is a contrasting hue or finish from the rest of the car, much like window moulding. If metallic finish is chosen, it might help to highlight the vehicle’s wheels or hubcaps.

What do rocker panels and side mouldings accomplish?

Rocker panels sit at the bottom of the Toyota Sequoia’s sides. They are usually much thicker than other pieces of trim and are often metallic. These panels highlight the bottom of the vehicle’s silhouette. Body moulding often pairs with rocker panels and sits parallel to it, up further on the Sequoia’s body where the shape begins to curve downward. These accents help onlookers see the shape of the Toyota.

What do bumper mouldings and individualized grills offer?

Bumper moulding is placed around the front or rear bumper. Front bumper trim fits around the car’s front vent or grill and is typically a contrasting color. It emphasizes all of the metallic features on the front of the Sequoia. Rear bumper moulding sits around the back bumper and highlights the license plate holder, rear lights, and other features.

What do wind and bug deflectors achieve?

Wind and bug deflectors are pieces of plastic that fit over the Sequoia’s windows to keep wind, water, dirt, and bugs from getting into the vehicle. This is especially effective when the Toyota is moving quickly. This way, these elements cannot distract the driver from steering or passengers from navigating.

How do you clean exterior mouldings?

Exterior mouldings are often cleaned through a regular automatic car wash process. However, they can also be washed by hand with a mixture of warm water and soap. Apply the mixture with a soft sponge and rub until the debris disappears. Rinse the mouldings with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. You can also choose to apply polish to metallic exterior door pieces in order to produce a pleasing shine.