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Moldings and Trim for Toyota Land Cruiser

Your Toyota Land Cruiser comes with a set of exterior moldings and trim that give it a distinctive profile. In the event of an accident, you may sustain damage to the moldings and trim and need to replace some parts. You may also wish to upgrade your Land Cruiser beyond the trim package it came with.

What are the moldings and trim?

Together, the moldings and trim make up the exterior body of your Land Cruiser. These parts give your Toyota its distinctive profile and rugged exterior.

  • Moldings: The moldings are the main body parts of your vehicle. The moldings include the doors, hood, roof, and fenders. These parts create the shape of your car and provide protection to your Toyota. In the event of an accident, you can find individual molding parts to replace the damaged parts.
  • Trim: The trim includes all of the extras on the interior and exterior of your Toyota. The trim may include the bumpers, pin striping, chrome, and more. Trim may contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle and it can also make it safer and more functional. You can find replacement trim pieces in the event of damage to your vehicle. You can also upgrade the trim level on your Land Cruiser if you want to make it even more stylish.
How do you maintain exterior trim and moldings?

Maintaining the trim and moldings on your Toyota Land Cruiser is essential to keeping the look and functionality of your Toyota. There are several easy methods you can use to maintain the trim and moldings.

  • Wash your car: You should wash your Toyota frequently to remove dirt and residue from the road. Dirt and residue can eat away at paint and other materials. Make sure to use a cleaning solution formulated for cars, and use the proper brushes and sponges on the trim and moldings. If you have plastic trim, make sure to use a soft brush so as not to scratch it.
  • Remove wax:You will want to remove wax from your Land Cruiser rather than adding more layers. Layers of wax can decrease the life of your trim and moldings and leave them looking dull. It is a good idea to always remove the wax each time you are ready to add a new layer.
  • Protection:There are many types of protectants you can use to protect the various moldings and trim materials on the exterior of your Land Cruiser. These protectants can extend the life of the parts.