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Toyota Tundra Exterior Mirrors

The Toyota Tundra comes off the factory line with exterior mirrors mounted above the front fenders on the driver and passenger side of the truck. Exterior replacement and upgrade options are available for different trades, lifestyles, and hobbies.

How do heated Toyota Tundra mirrors work?

Many Toyota Tundras are outfitted with heated mirrors. If your truck has heated mirrors, you simply turn on the window defrost by pushing the button, and the glass will begin to heat up. It takes approximately four minutes for the units to warm up completely. If you arent sure whether your heated mirrors are on, you can lightly touch it after it has been on for four minutes. It will feel warm to the touch if it is working properly.

Can a standard mirror be replaced with a towing mirror?

The Toyota Tundra is capable of hauling heavy loads thanks to its torque and horsepower. One way to make towing trailers and campers safer is to outfit the truck with towing mirrors. Towing mirrors are installed in the same position as standard exterior units. The main difference between the standard and upgraded units is the telescopic abilities of towing mirrors.

Towing mirrors can extend outwards, which makes it easier for the driver to see behind the item being towed and provides a wider field of vision for the driver as well. When the Tundra is not hauling anything behind it, the unit can be returned to its normal position.

Should you repair or replace a Toyota Tundra exterior mirror?

If your Toyota Tundra mirror has been damaged, you may consider replacing it. Some damage will require the unit to be completely replaced. But, minor damage may be easier to repair. For instance, if the glass is broken in an exterior mirror, you may be able to just replace the broken glass.

However, if there is serious damage to the mount or the units are heated, equipped for lane changes, or dim, it may be more efficient and simpler to replace the entire unit instead.

Are Toyota towing mirrors with turn signals installed available?

Yes, it is possible to choose Toyota Tundra towing mirrors with turn signals installed in the housing. The unique housing has an amber flashing light that is activated by the turn signal on the steering wheel. If the housing becomes damaged, the turn signal may not operate effectively.