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Exterior Mirrors for Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma exterior mirrors are available in a variety of different styles. Different materials are involved in the Tacoma mirror-building process. Cleaning the mirrors on your truck regularly will help keep them functioning as effectively as possible.

What styles of Toyota Tacoma mirrors are available?
  • All different styles of Toyota Tacoma mirrors are available, including driver-side, passenger-side, manual, power-adjusted, folding, stationary, heated, and standard models.
  • Driver-side Tacoma models are designed for the left side of the car; passenger designs accommodate the right side and are constructed accordingly.
  • Adjustment style varies between manual and power-operated designs on the vehicle. Adjustments include both left to right and up to down so that the Toyota Tacoma driver can position these mirrors for an ideal vantage point. The goal is to have as much visualization around both sides of the car as possible.
  • Folding mirrors allow for collapsing while the Toyota is parked in busy areas like cities to decrease the chances of a passerby hitting a mirror. Stationary models are available as well; they do not have hinges and remain in the same position consistently.
  • Heated models are able to increase temperature to defrost or defog, depending on the weather. Standard varieties can be brushed or de-iced the same way you would address the rest of the auto glass in your truck.
What materials are Tacoma truck mirrors made from?

Tacoma mirrors themselves are made from mirrored glass. The casings around them can be made from metal or treated plastic and are often comprised of a combination of the two. Aluminum is frequently used on the vehicle due to its light weight. Pressurized and heat-treated plastic also provides a durable textile option. Often, casings are available to fit right around the existing mirror for reinforcement. Depending on the Toyota model, signal lights may also be built into the exterior reflective glass.

How do you clean Toyota Tacoma exterior mirrors?

Toyota Tacoma mirrors can be cleaned as part of a regular automatic washing routine. If you have excess buildup on your mirrors and would like to hand wash them in between car washes, utilize warm water and soap mixed together and applied to a soft sponge. Clean the glass until all dirt and debris is gone. Rinse them with clean water, and dry them with another soft cloth.

If there are any hard water spots on the mirrored glass portion, feel free to mix a paste of three parts baking soda with one part vinegar, and apply it to the glass. After it dries, rinse the hardened paste away, and dry the glass with newspaper to achieve a streak-free finish. You might consider polishing or waxing the outside casing to prevent any scratches or dings in the truck’s paint. Apply polish or wax with a dry, soft cloth in a clockwise motion. Repeat the process with a separate cloth to remove any excess product from your Toyota Tacoma.