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Exterior Mirrors for Toyota FJ Cruiser

For all model years, the exterior side view mirrors of the Toyota FJ Cruiser provide a fairly expansive view of the vehicles behind you. These also have a forward-facing light that will provide some additional illumination so that other drivers can see your Toyota SUV when you drive on dark nights. With a wide selection of exterior mirrors you can find what you need for your Toyota FJ Cruiser.

What are features of the FJ Cruiser’s side view mirrors?

Side view assemblies from the original equipment manufacturer use materials that are very durable to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. These components of the FJ Cruiser are primarily constructed of lightweight, strong metal that is designed to last.

Additionally, these Toyota components have a flip-out functionality that will allow you to quickly fold the mirrors inwards toward the door when the vehicle is parked. Along the front side of the mirror, Toyota has included a lightbulb for extra illumination during inclement weather or dark nights. If you want to drive with a brighter lighting experience, you can replace the bulb in this assembly with an LED bulb.

How do you replace the FJ Cruiser’s side lighting bulbs?

Fortunately, completing a bulb replacement in this vehicle is fairly straightforward. It requires no tools and can be done in about five minutes.

  1. In order to fully remove the side bulbs from your FJ Cruiser, you first must turn the vehicle’s mirrors so that the inside edge is pushed towards the rear of the mirror. This leaves the outer edge open, and there will be a gap that you can put your hands in.
  2. Place your hands inside and gently but firmly pull the body towards you, and the components should pop out.
  3. Next, locate the bulb and turn it clockwise in order to release it from its housing.
  4. From there, you can simply pull out the Toyota factory-installed bulb and replace it with the 168/194 wedge LED bulb of your choosing.
  5. Are there different design options for the Cruiser side mirror?

    If you would prefer to go without the extra source of illumination on your FJ Cruiser, there are some products available that don’t include it. This may be a good option for people who prefer a different look for their Toyota SUV and who don’t need the extra illumination on dark back roads.

    Additionally, there are several aftermarket products out there that fit just about any aesthetic experience that you want for your SUV. These mirror assemblies can come in different colors and body types so that you can add a distinctive look to your Toyota FJ Cruiser that fits your style.