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Toyota Camry Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Toyota Camry exterior mirrors come in a variety of styles. Different materials like metal, plastic, and glass are combined to form the product. Clean your mirrors routinely to maintain maximum visibility around your Camry.

What styles of exterior mirrors are available?

Toyota Camry exterior mirrors are available in a variety of different styles with lots of features including drivers side, passengers side, heated, non-heated, folding, stationary, coated, non-coated, manual adjusted, and power adjusted.

  • Drivers side Camry mirrors are mounted to the left side of the car, while passengers side mirrors are mounted to the right. This dictates that the two designs must be opposite images of each other in order to make the mirrors most effective for the cars driver.
  • Toyota Camry heated mirrors have the ability to be defrosted or defogged with a control on the drivers side door or in the dashboard. Standard, non-heated mirrors can be defrosted by warming up the vehicle or by using a gentle snow brush or ice scraper; both are effective and entirely a matter of preference.
  • Toyota folding mirrors have a hinge near the window side that allows the mirror to fold toward the body of the Camry. This can be helpful when you are parking in a busy area to decrease the chances of someone or something hitting your mirror. Stationary mirrors remain extended at all times, which can reduce the chances of having to readjust the mirrors angle.
  • Coated Toyota mirrors come with an anti-glare shield to protect against extreme sun glare that comes in via exterior mirrors. Non-coated mirrors come without this shield but are equally as effective at reflecting images to the driver. Coatings are largely a matter of personal preference.
  • Manually adjusted Toyota Camry mirrors mean that pressure is applied from the fingertips to the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the mirror to adjust its angle. Power-adjusted mirrors are controlled with a series of switches or buttons in the drivers door or on the dashboard. These buttons adjust the same angles until the mirror is situated properly. Ultimately, the mirrors angles allow the driver to see as far as possible around the sides of the car.
How do you clean exterior mirrors?

Toyota Camry mirrors are typically cleaned as a product of routine car washes, but can be washed separately, as well. To clean your Camrys exterior mirrors, mix warm water and soap together to form a solution. Apply the solution to the mirrors and rub until all dirt and debris have disappeared. Rinse the mirrors with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.

To remove hard water spots from Toyota mirrors, blend three parts baking powder and one part vinegar together into a paste. Apply the paste and wait until it hardens before rinsing it away. Spots should disappear with the paste.