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Saturn Ion Exterior Mirrors

Exterior mirrors are important for helping you drive your Saturn coupe or sedan safely. If you need to replace a side mirror on your model of vehicle, there are replacement parts available. You can also find enhanced mirrors for your Ion, such as those designed to help you see wider angles and in your blind spot when youre behind the wheel.

How do you remove a damaged exterior mirror?

Exterior mirrors are susceptible to damage when youre parking or driving your vehicle around tight corners. Fortunately, theyre simple to replace on a Saturn Ion.

  • Remove the plastic trim cover panel found on the inside of your door on the opposite side of the window from the mirror. You can remove it by hand or with the help of a flathead screwdriver.
  • Pull back on the small tab to remove the harness.
  • Unscrew the three 10mm bolts that hold everything in place.
  • Remove the mirror by gently pulling on it.
  • To install a replacement mirror, follow the steps in reverse order.
What are your options for replacement mirrors?

Several companies, including TYC, Dorman, Kool Due, and VAM, make aftermarket exterior mirrors for Saturn Ions. They are specific to either the passenger side or the driver side. Many of the replacements come with a textured black paint already applied. You could stick with that black color since it would be able to complement any paint finish that you have on your Saturn.

You could also look for a mirror that has already been painted in the exact shade that matches your Ion. To find your paint color, youll need to look for a label that has been affixed to the spare tire compartment cover in your trunk. The label will be titled "Service Parts Identification," and the paint code will be at the bottom, near the center of the sticker.

Additionally, you can apply your own paint to a paintable mirror. First, cover the glass with painters tape. Prime the rest of the mirror assembly. Then, apply the correct shade of automotive paint.

Can you just replace the glass in the mirror?

If your glass is the only part thats damaged in the mirror, you can replace that component alone. There are pre-cut glass mirrors that are specific to Saturn Ion sedans and coupes. Follow these steps to complete the project.

  • Use gloves and/or tools to carefully remove the broken glass.
  • Clean the plastic mirror and remaining glass with glass cleaner.
  • Apply black rubber sealant three-quarters of an inch away from the outside of the mirror retainer. Put a few drops of sealant on the center areas of the plastic base and/or remaining glass as well.
  • Line up the replacement glass and firmly push it against the base. Secure everything with masking tape until the sealant cures.