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Nissan Frontier Exterior Mirrors

When you are driving in your Nissan truck, you use your side-view mirrors to check the road around your Frontier. These safety accessories are so useful in preventing accidents that they are required to cover safety on all trucks and cars. However, if you suddenly find yourself looking for a replacement mirror for your Nissan, you have numerous options for replacing your exterior mirrors.

What types of side-view mirrors are available?

There are three main types of side-view mirrors you can choose from for your Nissan. These types of exterior mirrors include the following:

  • Manual: The side-view mirrors are manually controlled. They usually have a manual remote that has been installed in the Nissans door. This allows you to adjust the two mirrors from the inside of the car.
  • Power: The side-view mirrors take electricity from the Nissan cars alternator or battery. They have remotes that allow you to adjust the mirror from the inside of your vehicle. In many cases, powered mirrors have additional features or accessories that make driving safer and easier, including a defogger or defroster, memory settings for several different drivers, and lights.
  • Telescopic or towing: These mirrors have an extended base so that drivers can see further behind their Nissan than they would have been able to see with traditional mirrors. These mirrors are often installed on vehicles that are used to regularly tow or haul cargo. They may or may not use your Nissans electrical power, depending on the model and manufacturer of the mirror.
What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket mirrors?

There are several differences between OEM side-view mirrors and aftermarket side-view mirrors, which are covered here:

  • OEM mirrors: Because OEM mirrors were made by the same manufacturer that made the original mirrors, you can count on them to be compatible with your Nissan Frontier. These mirrors will often come in matching paint colors and with the functions that your Nissan Frontier is already wired for. However, OEM parts may come in different packaging and may look slightly different.
  • Aftermarket mirrors: These side-view mirrors were manufactured by other companies that did not make the original parts for your Nissan Frontier. However, aftermarket parts often have additional features that the original mirrors did not have. You generally have a wider range of options if you look at aftermarket mirrors, especially when it comes to the appearance of the mirror.
What types of auto glass are used in different mirrors?

Your Nissan Frontier has a pair of exterior mirrors, one for each side of the truck, that are used by the driver in order to get the visibility needed to drive safely. These two mirrors often have different types of auto glass as explained below:

  • Drivers side: The drivers side exterior mirror usually has flat glass. Because the glass is flat, the objects that appear in the mirror are not distorted.
  • Passenger side: This exterior mirror often has convex glass. This type of glass has a slight curve to it so that you can see the blind spot on the passenger side. The curvature of the glass causes some objects to appear further away than they actually are.