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Nissan 720 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

When you see that your truck needs replacement mirrors, you can find the right replacement parts that are compatible with your Nissan. There are so many options, and it is helpful to know what parts will work for your Nissan 720.

What are the benefits of OEM mirrors?

There are many reasons you may want to stick with an OEM replacement side-view mirror:

  • Same specifications: Manufacturers who made the original parts had to follow the vehicle specifications for that specific Nissan model. If you choose an OEM replacement part, you know that the mirror will fit as it will have the same specifications as the original part.
  • Same safety standards: Before they can go on the market, OEM mirrors had to undergo and pass a variety of safety tests before it could be sold to consumers.
  • Same finish: The mirrors will come in the same finish as your Nissan 720, meaning you do not have to take any additional steps to make them match your Nissan 720.
  • Compatibility: These mirrors will come with the features that your truck was designed to have. For example, if your Nissan 720 came with power mirrors, the OEM replacements will have the same features.
What should you consider when looking for exterior mirrors?

When looking to replace your pickups side-view mirrors, these are some considerations you should make:

  • Fit: Regardless of which mirror you choose, the replacement should properly fit your Nissan 720. Side-view mirrors do play a major safety role, so safety should be one of your first priorities when it comes to replacing them.
  • Type: If your Nissan is wired for a power mirror, you may want to stay with a power mirror over going ith a manual mirror. If your Nissan truck is not wired for a power mirror, you will need to rewire it if you want to upgrade from a manual mirror.
  • Options: Power mirrors come with a wide variety of options. However, not all of these options may be applicable for you. Choose a mirror that meets your needs. Keep in mind that your truck may not be compatible with all of the options available.
  • Finish: In many cases, you may be looking for a mirror that matches your vehicles exterior. However, there may also be mirrors available that have different textures or finishes.
What are towing or telescopic exterior mirrors?

Telescopic or towing exterior mirrors are extensions to the original side-view mirror. The base of the mirror that connects the auto glass to the Nissan 720 is much longer than regular side-view mirrors. They allow drivers to see further back than traditional mirrors. Towing mirrors are generally used when drivers regularly haul trailers or cargo behind their vehicles. Towing or telescopic mirrors are generally used on both sides of the vehicle.