Land Rover Range Rover Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover is a luxury SUV with some impressive features. Not only is this luxury vehicle hardy enough to manage most terrains and weather types, but it also provides a robust exterior mirror experience so that you can safely drive in most circumstances. When you’re shopping for a replacement mirror, it’s important to know what Land Rover Range Rover car and truck exterior mirrors are available for your vehicle.

What’s the advantage of Land Rover Range Rover puddle lamps?

Some versions of the Range Rover vehicle have a downward facing lamp at the base of the exterior mirror. This Rover puddle lamp is designed to make exiting your vehicle a more convenient and dry experience. When you’re leaving your Land Rover Range Rover, this light will shine down to the pavement so that you can clearly see the ground and avoid hazards, such as deep puddles and ice slicks that may be hard to see under your vehicle.

Typically, this feature is automatically enabled when you exit your Land Rover vehicle, but it will automatically turn off after a few minutes of inactivity so it doesnt drain the battery. If your Range Rover vehicle doesn’t have this feature, there are plenty of aftermarket or OEM replacement mirrors that you can purchase to gain this extra feature.

How does the memory feature work on the Range Rover?

The Land Rover Range Rover has a memory feature that will allow you to store up to two mirror configurations. This is useful when you have multiple people driving the same car or truck. To set it up, you simply need to select the positioning you desire, press the set button, and press the numbered button to save the preset so you can have quick access to your settings when you sit in your Rover.

How does power folding work on the Range Rover SUV?

When you’re parking your Land Rover Range Rover, the mirrors sometimes need to be folded inwards to avoid the damage that can happen in parking lots. Fortunately, Land Rover included a feature on its luxury Range Rovers that allows you to automatically fold in the exterior mirrors using a switch in the main cab. This feature is called power folding, and it makes interacting with the Range Rover mirrors more convenient because you won’t have to work with them in the cold or wet.

How does heating for the Range Rover mirror work?

When you’re driving in extreme weather in one of the Land Rover vehicles, it’s normal for ice and snow to accumulate on the exterior driver side and passenger side mirrors. Unfortunately, this can make driving in winter weather more hazardous. Heating features for exterior mirrors for Land Rover Range Rover cars and trucks make this much safer because the glass surface features defrosters that inhibit the formation of snow and ice.