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GMC Sonoma Truck Exterior Mirrors

The Sonoma is a pickup truck from GMC designed for heavy-duty jobs as well as comfortable daily commutes in city traffic. Having working side mirrors is essential to seeing traffic and obstacles around you. Youll find a variety of exterior mirrors to replace broken and damaged ones on your truck.

What is a power mirror?

Power mirror models work with newer Sonoma vehicles and come with improved features. Installing these lets you use interior controls powered by your engine to change the tilt or angle of the mirror and help you see more without having to lean over and adjust the mirror manually or have a passenger adjust it for you. Some even come with a heated feature that increases the temperature of the mirror so that frost and ice will melt off.

What are the left and right side options?

These models also go by the names of drivers side and passengers side options. A right side option is one that is attached on the passengers side. All the electronics and other components needed to connect it to your GMC Sonoma are all in one piece with the mirror. Those designed for the drivers side move those components to the opposite side, considered the left. It may help to remember you should think of the left and right side of the car as if you were sitting inside in the drivers seat, not facing it from outside.

What is a refurbished mirror?

A refurbished product is one that the manufacturer or another company repaired. These products are also available as aftermarket accessories that come from companies that specialize in refurbishing broken cars. Some even come from cars with a salvaged title. When a vehicle goes through an accident, the insurance provider can determine that it is totaled. The company will write off its cost, cut a check to the owner, and sell the wreck. A GMC Sonoma that went through a wreck may have damage to the engine, bed, and wheels, but one or both of the mirrors on the cab can still be in good condition. You can get a refurbished mirror that works perfectly.

Are other mirrors compatible for a GMC Sonoma?

Instead of just looking for Sonoma replacement mirrors, you can also look for compatible models. These are mirrors designed for other types of cars, but will still function on your truck. Even if the engine and wheels are completely different, the mirror will still work. These mirrors come from GMC and other companies and are the same size and shape that you need. Most of the compatible designs come from sport utility vehicles and other designs produced by GMC and related companies like Chevrolet. Some of these mirrors may come from cars and trucks like the GMC Jimmy and the Blazer from Chevy.