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Dodge Challenger Exterior Mirrors

Dodge Challengers are a popular muscle car known for their sleek look, horsepower, strength, and speed. Whether you have a Dodge Hellcat, SRT Demon, SXT model, or another variety of Challenger, the side view mirrors are an important part of the car for both safety and aesthetic purposes. There are many mirror replacements and accessories that can help increase the exterior mirror functionality for your Dodge vehicle.

How do you install side view mirrors on a Challenger?

The process of installing a side view mirror on a Dodge Challenger may vary slightly depending on the specific Challenger model, but here are some general steps.

  • Remove the old mirror by popping off the panel on the inside of the door directly behind where the mirror sits on the outside. Unscrew the screws beneath the panel holding the mirror in place. Use caution when unplugging the electric wiring of the old mirror.
  • Feed the wiring of the new mirror into the hole left by the old one starting from the outside then plug it in.
  • Fit the mirror in the correct position and attach the screws under the inner panel to secure it.
  • Replace the panel, and double check that everything is secure and in the right position.
How do you know what mirror replacement to get?

The first step in picking the right side view mirror replacement for your Dodge Challenger is to find the correct option based on the model of your car. The best way to do this is to conduct a search for your specific Dodge car, then narrow down these results based on your preferences. Consider finishes, materials, the blinker system, heating options, and more, then make a decision based on these features.

How do heated side view mirrors work?

The electrical system attached to your Dodge Challenger mirrors helps to heat the glass in colder weather. This feature helps to increase visibility by eliminating frost, ice, snow, fog, and more that may accumulate on the mirrors in chilly temperatures. These commonly work by turning on the rear defrost on the dashboard of your Dodge Challenger.

What are the benefits of wide angle-mirrors for Dodge Challengers?

Some people are unsure as to whether a wide-angle mirror would be useful on a Dodge Challenger, but there are actually a few benefits to having mirrors with a wide-angle feature. Some mirrors come with a wide-angle section equipped into the mirror. There are also options available that attach to a section of the glass on the original mirror. These mirrors can help eliminate blind spots, allowing for quicker decision making, facilitating backing up, and increasing safety.

What mirror accessories are available for Dodge Challengers?

In addition to the many mirror replacements available for Challengers, there are also many accessories that allow you to personalize the look of your muscle car. Mirror caps and covers are a popular addition to side view mirrors. These come in a variety of materials and designs such as shiny chrome, solid colors, camo patterns, and more. Other accessories available for the Dodge Challenger include wide-angle mirror attachments, trim, and mirror visors.