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Exterior Mirrors for Chrysler 300M

The ability to look into your rear view mirror at the road youve left behind is as important as keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Here youll find an expansive selection of exterior mirrors for your Chrysler 300M as well as Chrysler models. Stock includes convex, heated, retractable, camera-equipped, and more.

Where can Chrysler exterior mirrors be installed?

There are two common placements for external mirrors: on the doors just outside the driver and passenger windows and on the fender next to the engine hood. These are referred to as wing and fender mirrors, respectively. Federal ordinance makes it difficult or impossible to install mirrors elsewhere on the external facings of most commercial vehicles as they create unsafe conditions for the operator, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Do Chrysler external mirrors have special features?

There are a number of features available for external mirrors on the Chrysler 300M and other models. The most common include:

  • Convex overlays: a special "fish-eye" mirror is placed over the normal side-view mirror, typically utilized in lieu of a proper in-cabin rear-view mirror
  • Dual-contour: two-in-one greater and lesser convex reflections on the same mirror for improved blind spot detection
  • Camera: inbuilt camera, usually rear-facing, improves detection to the sides and rear
  • Heated: rapid and continuous defrosting in low temperatures
  • Retractable: can be folded in for protection while the car isnt in use
  • Turn signal: an additional turn indicator along the front and side of the mirror arm

Per safety ordinance, all side-view mirrors must be vertically and horizontally adjustable either electronically or manually to ensure an optimal field of view for the operator.

Are there legal limits on custom mirror placement and size?

Mirrors are sold within legal specifications for all commercial vehicles. Abidance can be best assured by purchasing mirrors designed specifically for your vehicle, such as using only 300M mirrors for the Chrysler 300M. However, the following must be kept in mind when installing custom mirrors for your car:

  1. They must use a soft-edged design to minimize harm to pedestrians who make contact with them whether the car is stationary or in motion.
  2. They may not extend further from the car than is necessary to achieve the minimum required field of view.
  3. The mirror mounting must provide for stable fixturing whether mounted from the door or the engine hood.
Do some mirrors portray distance differently than others?

All external mirrors are legally required to provide unit magnification within the minimum and maximum metrics, which keeps the difference between one mirror type and another inside a comfortable range for all operators during their drive. The only exception occurs when using convex overlays or dual-contour mirrors, which are designed with an enhanced reflection radius in addition to the standard one required by law.