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BMW 330Ci Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

A variety of mirror types are available, including power-operated, manually operated, heated, non-heated, foldaway, non-foldaway, coated, non-coated, turn signal, and non-turn signal mirrors. Each of these features focuses more on the driver preference. Taking time to clean the BMW 330Ci car and truck exterior mirrors regularly can help to maintain visibility around the vehicle.

What are power-operated mirrors?

BMW 330Ci power-operated mirrors are controlled with a switch or button on the driver’s side door or the dashboard. This switch adjusts the exterior mirrors up, down, left, and right, depending on which angle is most advantageous for the BMW’s operator. BMW 330Ci manually-operated mirrors are designed to be physically manipulated by hand to change the mirror’s angle. The goal is for the operator to be able to see as far as possible around the BMW 330Ci on both sides.

What are heated mirrors?

BMW 330Ci heated mirrors are also controlled from the operator’s seat. These mirrors are able to be defrosted or defogged automatically in cold weather. Non-heated mirrors can be defrosted by warming up the BMW before driving it. A snow brush or ice chipper also helps to remove frost from these types of mirrors. Both kinds are equally effective at enabling the operator to see around the car.

What are some features of foldaway mirrors?

Foldaway mirrors have a hinge near the car that allows the mirror component to fold toward the side window. In areas with lots of traffic, this may decrease the odds of a window being hit by another car while the BMW is parked. When the BMW is turned on, the mirrors should be extended back out to the sides for peak visibility. Non-foldaway mirrors lack the hinge and stay extended all the time. They may need to be adjusted less due to less movement and are just as effective at reflecting images.

What are some qualities of coated mirrors?

Coated mirrors are equipped with a thin anti-glare shield that decreases the reflective effects of headlights or sunlight behind the BMW 330Ci. Non-coated mirrors do not have any layer on them, and they can be paired with sunglasses for a similar result. Both editions are just as effective at displaying a clear view of the driver’s surroundings.

What are turn signal mirrors?

Turn signal mirrors have a light built in the outside cap of the mirror that is equipped with an orange turn signal light to mirror the one at the front of the car. Non-turn signal mirrors lack this lighted portion of the mirror. The presence or lack of a turn signal light on the BMW’s exterior mirror is mostly attributed to the vehicle’s model year.