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Car Truck Exterior Door Handles for Mercury Villager

Functioning door handles ensure that both the driver and the passengers can easily gain entry to and safely exit from a vehicle. Knowing what parts your Mercury Villager needs can help if you need to replace them.

Are there different door handles for different model years?

Yes. The first generation Villager is the 1993 model, and comes in GS and LS trims. The vehicles second-generation models start with the 1999 model, available in Base, Sport, and Estate trims. First generations have a single sliding rear door. Second generation models have dual side sliding rear doors.

Are there different door handle manufacturers?

There are aftermarket companies that make parts designed to meet the same specifications Ford required of its original door handle supplier. There are also aftermarket companies that make door handles designed specifically for Villager but that are not officially certified by Ford. And there are aftermarket companies that make universal door handles designed to fit any number of different makes and models.

What else do you need to know when ordering parts?

There are different car door handles for front doors and rear doors, and for driver and passenger side doors. Instead of using that terminology, they might only be described as right (passenger side) or left (driver side) handles. You should also know your Villager front doors use flap-style handles while the cars rear doors use a pull-up design. Also, if you do not specify that you only need exterior and not interior, handles for your car, you might end up with both. Finally, you should know whether or not it could be locked by a key. Keyhole and keypad cutouts, lock cylinders, and other minor exterior parts are typically sold separately.

Can you improve the appearance of new exterior door handles?

Exterior car door handles can help you make a personal statement through your car. If you are replacing worn or broken door handles, one way to enhance their appearance is to purchase smooth or textured aftermarket parts that are pre-primed and made-to-fit and spray paint them.

  • If you want black handles, apply a coat or two of a high-gloss, clear-coat paint to give them a polished black sheen.
  • If you want them to match or complement the color of your car, spray them with the paint color of your choice.
  • If you want a chrome finish to match other chrome accents on your vehicles exterior, spray them or dip them in a solution that will chrome plate them.