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Excalibur Crossbows

Since 1983, Excalibur crossbows have been trusted by hunters to deliver quality crossbows. Excalibur has led the way by introducing many innovative models, allowing hunters and target shooters to deliver accurate arrows that reach their targets. With so many Excalibur options, youre bound to find the right one for you.

What is the difference between recurve and compound bows?What is the difference between recurve and compound bows? 

Bows have a short curve on both ends while compound crossbows have cams. Generally, recurve bows have longer draw lengths. Many people going hunting find Excalibur crossbows recurve crossbows simpler to use, although recurve crossbows tend to be louder. Compounds tend to be a lighter option. While recurve crossbows users may need to replace strings more frequently, there are fewer parts to break.

 What is draw weight?

The amount of force required to cock the crossbow by drawing the limbs back is called the draw weight. Many states have minimum standards. If you are target shooting, then a low weight can be an advantage because you are repeatedly drawing the crossbow. Generally, you need 150 pounds to kill a whitetail deer. The heavier and fattier the animal, the more weight you need. As a general rule, the heavier the weight, the faster the arrow will fly.

What is power stroke?

The measurement in inches between the crossbow string at rest and the string in the cocked position is called the power stroke. Generally, longer ones equate to faster arrow speeds from the crossbow, increasing accuracy. Shorter ones frequently compensate with heavier draw weights.

How do you choose an Excalibur crossbow?

The process of choosing a bow can be simple.

  • Contemplate arrow speed: Accuracy increases with faster arrow speed. The arrow will not only move faster, reaching its intended target sooner, but it will stay on a flatter course.
  • Choose enough draw weight: Excalibur crossbows come in a variety of weights, so consider the one that meets your needs the most. You will not need much for target shooting, but the bigger the animal youre hunting, the more draw weight you need.
  • Pick the right power stroke: Arrows usually fly faster with larger power strokes, which can significantly affect your accuracy. Excalibur makes a variety of choices.
  • Select your crossbow weight: If you plan on having long days of hunting, then contemplate a lighter-weight Excalibur crossbow. Even a pound can make a difference over the course of a day.

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