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Evinrude Outboard Mounting and Brackets

Evinrude outboard mounting and brackets are perfect for attaching outboard motors to a marine vehicle. You can find outboard brackets for Evinrude equipment from nearly any time period. Many of these outboard brackets feature retractable pieces that make it easy to raise and lower outboard motors.

Whats the expected lifespan of a steel Evinrude outboard mounting?

The specific type of steel that Evinrude uses on these mounting sets is designed to hold up to a great deal of abuse. When you consider this as well as the fact that many boaters only use their outboard motors several times a year, its easy to come to the conclusion that a mounting latch should usually last around the same amount of time as the engine itself. These Evinrude outboard mounting latches should last several years in brackish water.

Do E-TEC high horsepower outboard motors need different mounting latches?

Most Evinrude hydraulic jacks feature a mounting latch thats large enough to support the highest horsepower Evinrude outboard engines. Usually the rule is if the bracket supports it physically, then it should be able to hold onto it regardless of how much horsepower your outboard motors put out. If you have a tendency to run your engine at the highest horsepower setting all the time, then you might consider a reinforced Evinrude bracket to deal with the increased stress outboard motors create. Most boaters using high horsepower outboard motors dont run them at the highest horsepower setting all the time. Keep in mind that Evinrude will sometimes rate a bracket for use with a specific horsepower Evinrude outboard motor. You wont want to exceed the specifications that Evinrude and E-TEC sets for outboard motors.

Is there a difference between Evinrude and E-TEC brackets?

Like many companies, Evinrude had marketed their mounting latches under several different names. Mounting equipment sold under the E-TEC name is the same as mounting equipment sold under the Evinrude name if the bracket itself is the same size. You dont have to worry about if your motor actually reads E-TEC or Evinrude on the side, because they are the same companies, so outboard motors with either name will fit on the same bracket.

How many support struts does an outboard prime mover need?

Most Evinrude equipment only needs to have a pair of support struts once youve mounted the motor on the engine brace. If youre working with extremely large Evinrude outboard equipment, then youll want to have an additional outboard strut attached to your motor to prevent sagging. If you find that your engine is already sagging, then you can actually add an extra outboard strut without removing the mount the engine is already on.

How do you check the fasteners on an E-TEC brace?

If youre getting an E-TEC outboard brace, then you wont have any trouble checking the fasteners on your outboard equipment. E-TEC always installs springs and screws on the outside of the Evinrude outboard mount. If youve raised your E-TEC prime mover, then you can grasp the screws to see how tight they are as long as your E-TEC engine is in a safe position. You should be able to see the screws on your E-TEC adapter even while you have it in the water.