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Epson Dot Matrix Printers

Epson Dot Matrix Printers (DMPs) are built for demanding print environments. These machines have a long life cycle for use in a variety of front-office and back-office applications. Intuitive controls and reliable ribbon cartridges allow for easy setup and operation.

How does an Epson Dot Matrix printer work?

Epsons DMPs use impact technology to produce characters on paper. A solenoid drives the print head to deposit little dots of ink. As the machine moves across the paper, tiny pins push through an ink-soaked ribbon. In doing so, it creates closely spaced dots to form various characters on the paper.

What is the difference between 9-pin and 24-pin DMPs?

The number of pins on a dot matrix printer determines the resolution quality. Naturally, the impact of 24 pins will create more force than nine pins. Both the 9-pin and 24-pin machines can print text and graphics and are useful for a variety of applications.

  • Epson 9-Pin Printer: This type of dot matrix printer has nine vertical pins that create draft quality text.
  • Epson 24-Pin Printer: The 24-pin dot matrix printer has smaller pinheads to fill the characters with extra dots to produce a smoother image. Additionally, 24-pin printers take less time to print and can handle thicker sheets of paper.
What are the benefits of a dot matrix printer?

Depending on the model, Epson DMPs can print between 50 and 50,000 characters. Most models support USB, parallel, and serial interfaces, providing seamless integration. You can use the machines to publish large volumes of invoices, shipping labels, and other multi-part forms. They are economical, reliable, and efficient. Other advantages include the following:

  • The pressure from the print head makes it possible to print multiple copies in a single pass, making them suitable for carbon and carbonless printing.
  • Ribbon cartridge produces high volume output. The ink fades gradually as opposed to drying out or stopping suddenly.
  • When appropriately aligned on the tractor feed, the paper goes through the machine continuously, reducing the chances of paper jams.
  • Continuous paper feed option cuts down on refill times.
  • USB, Ethernet, parallel, and serial interface options allow you to hook the machine up to a variety of computer systems.
What types of Epson Dot Matrix Printers are available?

There are five types of machines for business use: standard, workgroup, large format, label, and point-of-sale. Each machine serves a specific purpose to allow you to help businesses run efficiently. You will find a brief description of each device listed below.

  • Standard: A standard printer performs light duties such as printing documents.
  • Workgroup: This type of machine allows multiple users to print from various computers via wired or wireless network.
  • Point-of-Sale:This printer is used in retail environments to print receipts.
  • Label: These devices allow you to print shipping labels and bar codes without wasting an entire piece of paper.
  • Large Format: These printers accept a wide roll of paper for spreadsheet applications.
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