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Riding With an English Endurance Horse Saddle

A saddle is a must for an equestrian. If you like riding for long distances, it is important to have the right saddle. An English endurance saddle is built for riding long distances, giving greater comfort to the rider and the horse, and eBay offers new and used horse saddles so you can get one that suits your needs.

What makes an endurance saddle better for long distances?

An endurance saddle is built to give greater comfort to the horse. With a longer panel, it will spread the weight of the rider more evenly on the horse's back. It is also lighter weight, which makes long-distance riding easier on the horse. These saddles are also built to give the rider a comfortable seat.

Tree'd versus treeless saddles

The tree is a wooden or metal frame that fits the shape of the horse. The saddle with a tree helps support the rider on the back of the horse. It distributes the weight of the saddle and the rider evenly. A treeless saddle, on the other hand, feels more like a bareback ride. It allows the rider to feel the motion of the horse. A treeless saddle doesn't always need to be replaced as the horse grows.

Using an English saddle versus a Western saddle

An English saddle is smaller and lighter in weight than a Western saddle. The rider has more contact with the horse when using an English saddle. A Western saddle is designed for long work days in the saddle, giving both the horse and the rider greater comfort for those long days. However, an English endurance saddle is also built for longer riding.

The saddle you use will depend a great deal on your style of riding. When riding with a Western saddle, you will use your seat more. The reins are used more on the neck. With an English saddle, you would use your seat as well, but you use more of your legs. The reins are used more at the mouth in English riding.

What styles and brands can you get?

You can get saddles built with a tree, such as the Equi English endurance saddle with a medium tree. You can also find small trees and wide trees. There are also many treeless endurance saddles. Some of these are made by Black Forest and Freeform. The Wintec Pro endurance saddle, is all black. However, you can find other colors as well. These include tan and brown. You can also get your saddle with or without a horn. One endurance saddle with a horn is the EquiRoyal Pro Am English trail endurance saddle.