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Duracell Single Use Batteries

How to Choose CR2 Batteries

Many consumer electronics require AA or AAA batteries, with larger items like flashlights and toys sometimes needing larger D batteries. The CR2 battery is a lesser-known type of lithium-ion battery that is used in cameras, lighting equipment, and some electronics. With appealing characteristics like extended power, CR2 lithium batteries have their place.

What can a CR2 battery be used for?

CR2 batteries are considered single-use items and are not rechargeable, but their ability to retain power makes them fit for many applications.

  • Digital cameras and flash technology can use CR2 Li-ion batteries as a source of power. Devices that draw extensive power that otherwise might quickly drain other batteries can benefit from CR2s. Toys, such as remote-controlled cars, can also fall into this category.
  • Lighting equipment can also use this battery type. Flashlights, laser pointers, and light meters are some examples. Tactical flashlights, like those used in law enforcement, sometimes use CR2 batteries as well.
  • Certain medical instruments also depend on this battery type. Compared to alkaline, lithium batteries deliver more power and can last longer in between uses. This makes them useful in medical instruments that may be used only occasionally, but that must always be in working order.

How is lithium different than alkaline?

Both Li-ion and alkaline are battery types that can be found in most stores and homes, but some applications may benefit from one type over the other.

  • Lithium batteries last much longer than their alkaline counterparts do, especially in devices that use excessive power. As long as the voltage is the same, the types are usually interchangeable in most devices, though a lithium battery may last longer.
  • Lithium batteries can operate in extreme temperatures. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause an alkaline battery to stop working or become damaged.
  • Alkaline batteries tend to weigh more than lithium batteries do when theyre compared. The weight of a battery may seem trivial, but it can make a difference when carrying devices for extended periods or when used in handheld technology.

What are some benefits of a Duracell CR2 battery?

Duracell is a manufacturer of batteries used by consumers and in professional applications like law and medicine.

  • These batteries can be purchased individually or in bulk. Since they are not rechargeable, having backups ensures that power is always available when the CR2 battery does eventually stop working. Bulk purchasing is often a favorable option for businesses and some consumers who rely on battery power.
  • Duracell CR2 batteries are three-volt batteries and retain their power for extended periods. Devices that require substantial amounts of power in a quick fashion operate more efficiently when used with batteries that can keep up.
  • Any device that requires a CR2 battery can be used with this brand. CR2 lithium batteries generally offer the same specifications, but certain manufacturers may produce batteries that function differently.

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