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DonJoy Medical Braces and Supports

DonJoy medical braces and supports are designed to help you with the healing process after an injury or surgery. The DonJoy brand of bracing products helps to restrict movement of a particular area of your body.

What are the types of DonJoy braces?
  • Ankle and foot - DonJoy braces for the ankle and foot are designed for use after a sports injury, such as a sprain. These braces may also be used for chronic conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Knee - The DonJoy knee brace is designed for an athlete who has experienced an ACL injury. If you have had surgery for the ACL, the knee brace may be recommended.
  • Back - A sprain or strain of your lumbar region may necessitate a DonJoy brace for your back.
  • Elbow - Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, ulnar nerve dysfunction, and other sports problems and injuries may necessitate a brace for the middle of the arm.
  • Wrist - Tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis are common reasons to use a DonJoy wrist brace.
What are the features of DonJoy braces?
  • Hook and loop tape - It is important to get a good fit on the DonJoy wrist, ankle, or knee brace. Most of the bracing products for athletes use hook and loop tape in order to accommodate swellings of the joint.
  • Hinged - Large DonJoy braces, such as the knee brace, offer a hinge. The hinge allows you to bend your knee a little when taking a step or going up or down a flight of stairs. The hinge ensures that the knee brace stays in the desired position on your leg and knee.
  • Compression properties - With osteoarthritis, sprains, and strains, compressing may help. Compression may also be recommended if you have had surgery of the joint.
How do you choose a size of DonJoy bracing product?

DonJoy knee braces are available in a range of sizes for men and women. The right size of brace for your body also ensures proper circulation to your extremities. To select the correct size of brace for your knee or another body part, measure the circumference of the affected area. For a knee brace, use a cloth tape measure and wrap it around your knee, over the top of your knee cap. The extra-small knee brace fits a knee circumference of 13 to 15.5 inches. For each two-inch increase in your knee size, choose the next size up of DonJoy knee brace. Do the same for a back, wrist, or ankle brace.

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